Friends want to pitch in, so let them. A week before you wed, give the people in your bridal party cards that detail their duties, such as transporting flowers or delivering favors.

Just download our clip art, and either type or handwrite your message inside. Don't forget to tie a string around the finger -- otherwise, your nudge will look like a scolding.

Tools and supplies:

  • Cover-weight paper or card stock
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler or straightedge
  • Japanese hole punch
  • Yard, string, or twine
  • A6 envelope

Basic How-To:

Download our editable PDF file. Print the card onto heavy paper or card stock. (If you want to print your message on the inside of the card instead of handwriting it, create a Word document with a text box that would align with the image on the front of the card, and print onto the other side of the paper.)

Use a metal ruler to guide a bone folder as you score the paper between the dotted crop marks at the center. Then use a craft knife and the ruler to cut between the solid crop marks at the corners; do not cut all the way to the edges of the paper (this will leave the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts).

Punch a pair of holes on either side of the finger just above the middle knuckle, and thread string through from behind. Knot, and cut off some of the excess string.


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