Choose an expert-approved arrangement for your big day.

By Courtney Leiva
April 12, 2019
anemone bouquets luna de mare
Credit: Luna de Mare

There's a good reason why so many couples want to get married in the spring: the in-season flower options simply can't be beat. If you're looking for some fresh, seasonal floral inspiration, you're in luck. We asked two expert florists to share the blooms they favor most during this time of year, and their advice will help you come up with an idea for the perfect bouquet. From ranunculus to sweet peas, these are the seven stunning flowers to seriously consider adding to your springtime arrangement.


"These ruffled beauties are perfect for spring wedding bouquets," says Liz Mally, owner of LPF Blooms. "Ranunculus are very romantic looking with tissue paper-like petals and they come in a variety of colors." Taylor Patterson, owner of Fox Fodder Farm, agrees, adding that she loves this springtime essential because it's available in several sizes and colors.


"Anemones, especially the white variety with the blueish-black centers, are popular with brides and are a striking addition to spring wedding bouquets," Mally says. Their high-contrast colors add tons of visual interest to any bouquet.


"These blooms, which are in season spring-early summer, are currently my favorite spring flowers for bouquets with their bright colors and paper-looking petals," says Mally. Poppies can be quite large when they open up, which makes them a wonderful (and unexpected) choice for your bouquet's statement flowers.

Sweet Peas

Gorgeous, hardy, and super fragrant, Patterson says that sweet peas are a romantic, organic addition to any spring bouquet. Their pretty pastel hues are the perfect match for the season.


Sweet, fragrant, and the evocative of spring, Patterson says that daffodils (and its close relative, the narcissus) are spring wedding must-haves. She likes how the blooms bring pops of balancing yellow and white tones to a bouquet.

Lily of the Valley

Ethereal and romantic, there's no denying that lily of the valley is a nice fit for a spring wedding bouquet. Patterson likes the dimension these clusters of small blooms bring to an arrangement. If that's not enough of a draw, the pro notes that this bloom delivers a beautiful scent you'll absolutely love.


If you are favor an earthy, bohemian look, Patterson recommends asking your florist to fill your bouquet with spirea. It's wild, delicate branches create a loose and carefree vibe that can't be beat.


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