It's only fitting to present the symbols of a new union on a beautiful "something old": a pillow embellished with an heirloom handkerchief or another vintage linen. A few stitches keep everything in place and can be snipped later. If you don't have a vintage piece, you can find one at a flea market.

Ring-Pillow How-To

For a square handkerchief (ours is 10 inches), you'll need a square pillow just big enough for the handkerchief's corners to slightly overlap at the center (the one above is six inches). Place the pillow on the wrong side of the linen as shown; fold the corners in, overlapping them. Hand-sew the middle of a satin ribbon to pillow center, sewing through the linen's corners and pillow; use two or three stitches (when ready to remove linen, cut the thread). A few stitches in the center will also secure a small doily (4) or cocktail napkin (6) to the pillow's top. Or you can make the pillow itself from vintage fabric (3). To attach rings, thread them onto the ribbon and tie a bow.

Vintage linens come in many styles:

1. Handkerchief with openwork

2. Floral-print handkerchief

3. Embroidered fabric

4. Doily with openwork

5. Monogrammed handkerchief

6. Embroidered cocktail napkin


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