Say goodbye to all the pressures that come along with a first date.
Credit: Fox Network/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Whether you're overanalyzing what to order or trying on every single outfit in your closet, we've all done the pre-first date freak out. If you're one of our readers who's engaged or already married, then luckily for you, your first-date days are long behind you. But for the single ladies, there is good news: Gone are the days of over-calculated first dates that result in you not having as good of a time as you should be having. It's time to start reclaiming date night for yourself-and here's how!

1. The guy has to ask the girl.

Questions to ask yourself: Are you interested in this person? Has there been mild flirting when you're around each other? Great! Ask that person out. Forget those old-fashioned beliefs about who is "supposed" to make the first move. You're into it, so go be into it!

2. You need to get really dressed up.

Whenever we get excited or really want to impress someone, we tend to go overboard on the amount of accessories and makeup we want to apply-but it's important to be the real you. Play up your features that you love, wear something that makes you feel confident, and be comfortable.

3. You can't order what you actually want.

This should not be that difficult. Are you planning on changing all of your eating habits from that day forward because someone is sitting across the table from you? We say no. If you want a salad, eat a salad. If you want a burger, eat a burger. Simple, right?

4. You have to keep the "real talk" to a minimum.

There is nothing wrong with laying out what you are looking for on your first date. If you're looking to casually date while the other person is looking to settle down right now, shouldn't that be brought up? Communication is key. Plus, how long can you sustain the conversation while only talking about your job, cat, and the weather?

5. Guys should always pay.

This can be more of an open conversation than an expectation. Sure, it's nice when the guy foots the bill, but it's totally okay to split it the first time and then start a back-and-forth system. It's 2015 for date's sake!


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