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Kelly Clarkson helping two fans get engaged

Kelly Clarkson is totally down-to-earth, which is why it comes as no surprise that she goes to extra lengths to help her fans. This time, though, it was wedding-related, making her generosity all the sweeter. The country star just helped one man propose, and the video is worth watching.

While catching up with her fan base at a meet-and-greet in Las Vegas, Clarkson shared a very special moment with a pair of her supporters. After snapping a photo with the couple, she moved out of the way, letting one of the men take his chance at proposing to his boyfriend. In the video above, you can watch it all go down. Just be sure to get your tissues ready-Marleba's now-fiancé had a priceless reaction. Post-proposal the couple hugged and Clarkson congratulated them. "Asking the love of my life to marry me in front of the one and only @kellyclarkson was an amazing moment!!!! HE SAID YES" Marleba later posted on Instagram of the event.

And as it turns out, it was all pre-planned. "Kelly was performing at IHG's conference, which I was attending. I am a huge fan so I made sure I was in the front. During the show Kelly actually called me out for being so dedicated and how I helped her remember the words to some songs by watching my lips move," Marleba told Entertainment Tonight. "She asked my name and told me she loved me. After the show, I saw her doing a meet-and-greet. I told the security and staff that I was the one she was talking about on stage and they all knew and said they would ask her if she would meet me. My heart was racing. After she gave approval, I went back for the photograph."

But it only gets better from there. "During this time I told her that I was planning on proposing to my boyfriend during the show but it would be better if she could help! She looked at me and said, 'GO GET HIM NOW! LET'S DO IT!' I went running outside to get him," the happy fiancé shared. So, with Clarkson's stamp of approval, Marleba got down on one knee and gave his fiancé "the perfect Tiffany" ring. We're sure this is the type of perfect proposal story the couple will be retelling for years to come!


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