Finding the right officiant feels like stumbling on a gold mine.
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Finding an officiant who uses just the right combination of warmth, humor, captivating storytelling, and who also totally gets who you are as a couple is no simple task. Whether you're working with someone who is a professional wedding officiant, a close friend or family member who has been ordained, or a clergy member, here are a handful of telltale signs you've found "the one."

They're compassionate and empathetic.

A great officiant should be someone you could also depend on to be a great friend. Someone who listens well and really understands what you want your wedding to be about is key to planning a ceremony that feels authentic and from the heart.

There's a feeling of mutual respect.

Writing a ceremony with your officiant should be an intimate, personal experience. As such, you want to be sure you feel like the person you're working with not only respects your desires in what to say to an audience, but that you also respect their sage advice.

You're able to communicate candidly about spirituality.

The amount of spiritual or religious context you choose to have incorporated into your wedding ceremony is an important part of planning it. That's why t's crucial that you feel comfortable chatting openly with your officiant about your own beliefs as well as the beliefs of your immediate family.

They've done their research.

If your officiant will play a role in coordinating your marriage license, you need to know you're in good hands. If you've chosen a friend or family member to be the officiant, they should be on top of their research and have all the forms and deadlines coordinated well in advance of your wedding.

They have great references.

Many officiants are discovered through personal connections. Be sure to check references if you're not using a direct referral. This is a great way to find out what's worked well for other couples and if there's anything to pay extra attention to throughout the ceremony planning process.


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