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Sketch of Naeem Khan and Christian Louboutin collaboration on knee-high wedding boots
Credit: Courtesy of Naeem Khan

The fashion formula for a fun, cool-girl bride? A cocktail wedding dress + boots + a veil! Naeem Khan will unveil his Fall 2017 wedding dress collection this evening, but we're giving you a sneak peek at one of the looks he is most excited about this season: his collaboration with Christian Louboutin.

"I'm having some super special knee-high boots made which are all jeweled," Khan told us. "So imagine a mini dress and knee-high boots and a veil. I mean, how chic would that be?"

Answer: Totally chic. And considering Khan was inspired this season by his days at Studio 54 in the '70s, the shoes will be a genius pairing for Khan's gilded, bohemian gowns.

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Naeem Khan Fall 2017 Wedding Dress Collection
Credit: FirstView

Khan called on Christian Louboutin to design the shape of the boot, then tasked his team with embroidering them. "I just feel there's something so cool about getting married in a cocktail dress, boots, and a veil," Khan said. "It feels very exciting for me, so I think that could be the new look."

We're on board! Another important trend you can expect to see in new Khan's bridal collection? Color. Spring 2017 brought lots of color, including pinks, purples, and one incredible black ball gown for the finale, but as the designer puts it, that was only the introduction.

You'll also find a few new techniques this season: sewing sequins in a manner that looks three-dimensional-a nod to Andy Warhol's diamond dust-and mixing embroidery and laces for even more texture. See photos from Naeem Khan's Fall 2017 bridal collection-including the boots!-here!

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