The song is all about how their love keeps them young.
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at Academy of Country Music Awards 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill performed their new duet, "The Rest of Our Life," at the CMAs last night, and the pair couldn't take their eyes off each other. Even after 21 years of marriage it's clear that country music's favorite couple is still just as in love as ever.

Their new song, penned by Ed Sheeran, features lyrics that seem to mirror their own relationship. The bulk of the melody is all about getting older, but still feeling young as long as they're together. "If my gray hair shows, I'll be fine / If my waistline grows, I'll be fine / Even when time takes its toll / I'll stay young for the rest of my life / With you, I'll stay young for the rest of my life," the pair sang.

Collaborating clearly comes easily for Hill and McGraw. They've each been featured on the other's albums multiple times, and they've previously appeared in music videos together. The two even tour together frequently, proving that they prefer not to be apart. And they have so much fun on the road that they even extended their ongoing Soul2Soul tour into 2018.

The CMA performance was just a sneak peek at more collaborating to come. "The Rest of Our Life" is just one song off of their upcoming album, their first joint record ever. Hill and McGraw's new music will be released on November 17, 2017.


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