Our Editor-at-Large, Darcy Miller, shares everything you need to host the perfect newlywed dinner.
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Marley Spoon Dinner Menu for Dinner with In-Laws
Credit: Courtesy of Martha & Marley Spoon

The Basics

If there's one thing that absolutely shouldn't be on the table at your first dinner with your in-laws, it's stress. To make things easier on yourself (and still impress your in-laws with a delicious home cooked meal!), order the Martha & Marley Spoon Roasted Chicken with Stuffing Meal Kit for an impressive spread that comes without a lengthy shopping list. Even better, your husband's parents will never know that Martha was your secret weapon. Don't forget to send them home with leftovers packed in the Martha Stewart Collection Glass Container Set.

With the menu taken care of, turn your attention to the table. Your mother-in-law will be pleasantly surprised when she sits down to a table set with modern fine china. The Limoges Naxos four-piece place setting from Bernaudaud, which is a great thing to register for through Amazon, is special enough for special occasions but practical enough for everyday use. Bonus: It's dishwasher safe!

Between preparing dinner and setting a flawless table, who has time to give their house a deep cleaning? You do. That is, if you have the iRobot Braava vacuum and mop. Set it to run while you're in the kitchen, or even turn in on right before bed. You'll wake up to a clean and beautiful home without ever lifting a finger.

Backgammon Game Set from Jonathan Adler
Credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Ice Breakers

Break the ice with some healthy competition. Jonathan Adler has a beautiful backgammon set that will help keep your in-laws focused. If you think you need some extra peace and love before dinner, set the stage for tons of X's and O's by way of an elegant tic-tac-toe set. When it comes to throwing (or dodging) darts, it would be best to aim at the Toulouse dartboard set. Bonus: Each of these games doubles as beautiful décor.

Minted Gallery Wall
Credit: Courtesy of @passion_shake


Register for a few different framed art prints from Minted to make sure your walls aren't bare when your in-laws arrive. You might not have finished decorating your new home, but you can quickly hang these for some added style.


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