The short answer: Probably. Here's why.
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A shot list is a basic outline of the photos you'd like your photographer to take during your wedding, usually listing the people you want to have formal portraits taken with. While many couples opt to leave this task to the very last minute (and some even forget to send this list to their photographers!), we highly recommend getting this done before your wedding weekend. Here, we share why you should give this pre-wedding to-do some serious thought.

It's a really helpful tool for your photographer.

Your photographer will quickly become familiar with your immediate family on the big day, but they're unlikely to know who else is a close relative or dear friend. Your shot list will serve as a guide with names, relationships, and exact groupings of people you'd like to have in photos together.

You'll get through the formal portraits faster.

Formal shots and group photos can be a real time suck. If your photographer doesn't have a clear and concise list of names to power through this process quickly, you could end up missing out on a big chunk of cocktail hour and time you could be spending chatting with your guests.

It's like photograph insurance.

It's not likely you'll get a chance to have all the people you love in one place again in the near future, so it's important to get some documentation of everyone together. These are the photos you'll frame later and they're the same photos your kids will some day pour through, asking who each guest was and laughing about their dated attire. You'll have regrets if you miss a photo op with someone important like your siblings or your grandparents, so look at the shot list as insurance that you'll get all the VIP shots for your archives.

It can be short and simple.

It's unnecessary to list every guest on your photography shot list. You want the photos to go quickly and you're not going to want formal pics with every friend. Your photographer will be taking plenty of candid shots of you interacting with guests, and you can always grab their attention if you realize you haven't taken any photos with someone specific.

Still not into it?

Formal poses aren't for everyone and there's nothing wrong with being a candids-only type. If you opt out of having a formal photos session, you might just have a quick chat with your photographer about a few key people you'd love to see lots of photos of. Candid shots are just as much fun to frame, anyway.


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