20 Hoop Bouquets Every Member of Your Bridal Party Will Love

hoop bouquets sabrina licata bridesmaids
Sabrina Licata

These days, you can throw most hard-and-fast wedding rules out the window. There's no one way to approach virtually any aspect of your big day. You can wear what you want (and then change into something different!), get married alongside whomever you want (bridal party or no bridal party!), and serve whatever food you like best. The gist? You're in charge of every wedding-related decision, from the dress (or jumpsuit or pantsuit!) to the florals. We've recently discovered that contemporary brides and their bridal parties have also taken a brand-new approach to wedding flowers—particularly bouquets. Instead of carrying traditional bunches of blooms, women are opting for more unconventional iterations.

That's where the following hoop wedding bouquets come in. They're half-floral arrangement, half-accessory and they're the bloom-centric trend that's on just about every bride's radar right now. The best part? They aren't reserved for the bride alone. We've seen plenty of bridesmaids and flower girls carry these pretty flower-filled loops down the aisle. And there's no limit to their variety. Whether you're searching for a full circle of lush, verdant blooms or a minimal, metallic arrangement featuring just a few (like these, by Festum Artis!), there's an option you're sure to love. Looking for something a little more rustic? Make like several of the ladies here and ask your florist to weave small buds into grapevine wreaths for that farm-meets-boho-chic look.

Ready to see all of these inspired ideas for yourself? Click through to discover our favorite hoop wedding bouquets for any member of your bridal party.

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White Grapevine

hoop bouquets julia schnick
Julia Schick

Looking for a base that feels more rustic or bohemian? Make like the florists at Stielgebunden, who nestled fresh roses, ranunculus, olive leaves, and eucalyptus into the nooks and crannies of this white grapevine wreath's lower half. It paired prettily with the boho-chic bride's overall aesthetic (a flower crown, echoing the shape of her bouquet, completed the look).

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hoop bouquets virginia ashley photography tropical
Virginia Ashley Photography

If you love the idea of the hoop bouquet but are committed to carrying a traditionally-shaped clutch down the aisle, pass off the trend to other members of your bridal party. This maid-of-honor carried a tropical iteration, featuring monstera leaves, orchids, and red ginger by The Proper Petal. The blooms referenced those used in her bride's own arrangement.

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Full Circle

hoop bouquets lauren carnes
Lauren Carnes

You can't go wrong with a full loop of blooms—Martha McIntosh's verdant rose, ranunculus, and spirea bouquet proves it.

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hoop bouquets christine clark
Christine Clark Photography

Pair a petite gold hoop with a lush, but simple floral arrangement for a classic-meets-contemporary look. Flower Girls Hawaii did just that when creating this leafy ranunculus, green thistle, and clematis clutch.

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Two Brides, Two Bouquets

hoop bouquets alea lovely same sex brides
Alea Lovely

Planning a same-sex wedding? Copy these brides (their florals were handled by Michelle Edgemont!) and switch up your bouquet styles to incorporate this circular trend. To unify the two types, opt for blooms in the same color family.

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Moody for Fall

hoop bouquets with love and embers
With Love & Embers

Never forget how easily a bouquet (in any form!) can convey the seasonality of your event. These bridesmaids' hoops, by Chicory Florals, featured plenty of early fall blooms, like astrantia and astilbe, in addition to rust-colored astilbe—all of which referenced the ladies' tonal dresses.

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hoop bouquets jonnie and garrett bride and groom
Jonnie + Garrett

A tiny hoop bouquet can definitely make a big impact—just keep adding extra-long sprigs of greenery (Eothen added lots of white eucalyptus to this rose gold loop!) to create the illusion of larger arrangement.

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hoops bouquets amanda k photoart
Amanda K Photography

Searching for a statement-making bloom to dress up a wooden wreath? Anemones are eye-grabbing, thanks to their vivid black centers. Vaso Bello Celebrations also added scabiosa, ranunculus, hydrangea, and small roses to these hoops for a pop of pastel alongside the black-and-white buds.

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Different Sizes

hoop bouquets wedding nature photography
Wedding Nature Photography

Make like this wedding party and designate roles by bouquet hoop size. Bridesmaids carried medium-sized greenery loops by Casi Cielo Events and Flowers; the maid-of-honor carried an extra-small version (it freed her hands up to hold the bride's bouquet during the ceremony!).

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hoop bouquets frances beatty cascading
Frances Beatty

Combine two trends in one with a hoop bouquet that also cascades down towards the ground, like this rose, tulip, and ranunculus beauty by Ashley Elaine.

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hoop bouquets virginia ashley photography wildflowers
Virginia Ashley Photography

Take notes from these attendants, whose lilac-centric Courtney Inghram wildflower clutches perfectly matched their purple Bella Bridesmaids dresses.

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Flower Girl Bouquet

hoop bouquets lucky malone flowergirl
Lucky Malone Photography

There's no age restriction for these trendy arrangements, which means that they're just as appropriate for the littlest members of your bridal party (this tot's clutch was created by Lace and Lilies!). They're even more perfect if she's skipping the petal toss.

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hoop bouquets sabrina licata
Sabrina Licata

These bridesmaids' Festum Artis hoops feature Seidenband ribbons that tie the accessories back to two major elements—the brides' own bouquet ribbon and their ice-blue dress color.

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Mostly Greens

hoop bouquets heidi ryder
Heidi Ryder Photography

We love how this bride's lush Seed Floral clutch references the leafy, metallic pattern on her wedding dress.

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hoop bouquets erin h photography
Erin H Photography

Here's another creative greenery idea. Ask your florist to copy Tracey Reynold's use of baby eucalyptus vines—they create a curved laurel around the statement rose, blushing bride, lilac, and astrantia base.

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Mix and Match

bride bridesmaids hoop bouquet
Valerie Demo

Like your bridesmaids' dresses, your attendants' bouquets can feel mismatched. We love how Joy In Bloom approached this bridal party's hoop arrangements—each 'maid carried a loop that was subtly singular, thanks to differing placements of eucalyptus leaves, dahlias, and roses.

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Jewel Tones

wedding siblings
N Barrett Photography

Complement an emerald-hued bridesmaid dress with a richly-colored hoop featuring ruby and amber florals. This one was created by Bows + Arrows.

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Thick Loops

hoop bouquets anna shackleford junior bridesmaids
Anna Shackleford

Matching ensembles don't have to mean matching bouquets—but we're partial to these junior bridesmaids' looks, from their bowed dresses, to their white flats, to their thick hoop clutches by Urban Petals.

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hoop bouquets victoria irene
Victoria Irene Photography

This Leaf Hopper Designs hoop could work for just about any celebration thanks to its multi-seasonal elements, like cotton, cut citrus, and strawflowers.

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