Talking about the wedding is one thing, but there are some things that better left unsaid—and undone.
Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill

Weddings are so exciting! They can bring out our best as we shower the bride with love, gifts, and advice. But even with the best of intentions, friends and family are bound to slip up. Here, the six surefire behaviors that are causing the bride to do a major eyeroll.

When guests RVSP for an (uninvited) plus-one.

Hooray your invite is here! But wait, there's a problem. Where's your plus-one? While the bride hasn't met your flavor of the month, she'd never leave out the current "love of your life." It's obviously a mistake. So what's a girl do to? RSVP for two. That's the simple answer. No, no, no. If you think it was a mistake, you're mistaken. At $150 a head for dinner, you can meet up with him after the festivities. And don't put her on the spot, she'll either freak out or feel bad, say yes, and then secretly resent you.

When friends and family play publicist.

OK, dad. You're so ready to show off how pretty your little girl looked on her wedding day. The best option is to put it on social media, of course. After all, your daughter set up an account and taught you how to share and like, she'd be all for this. Instead of slapping up just any old picture you snapped on your good ol' trusty '90s point-and-shoot, wait for the pro pics. That way you'll put up a flattering pic she'll be proud of.

When people bring up the "D" word.

Unexpected, nasty divorce sending you into a tailspin? We're sorry. No, really, we are. It's awful for a marriage to end, but don't let your personal drama put a black cloud over her day. She doesn't need to hear that she shouldn't change her name because it's so much work to change it back and you really regret it. Or that men are all worthless cheaters. She's in a state of bliss. Celebrate it! And if the day ever comes that her fairytale collapses, you'll be there, but don't miss out on the joy of this because you're stuck in a rut.

When guests blow up your phone on the wedding day.

You're trying to find the bridal suite, and you're lost. If the front-desk staff can't help you, don't call the bride. Seriously. While she obviously knows where it is (and she was likely there early), your lack of navigation skills isn't her problem. Ring up one of the other bridesmaids. It's your best bet. And this goes for any questions you have on the wedding day?

When people give unsolicited wedding advice.

You love pastels, she's into power colors. You're a chicken lover, she's serving filet mignon. You'd never have a DJ, she's hired the best one in town. How could she go against your advice? The answer is simple: There are a million ways to throw a wedding, and she's not you. So slap a smile on your face, take advantage of the open bar, and dance your behind off. When you get married, go pastel, chicken, band crazy. Trust us, this will save your friendship. You're welcome.

When someone hijacks your big day.

Oh my gosh, your daughter is engaged, and you can barely contain your excitement. After you've called all your friends, splashed it on Facebook, and basked in the mother-of-the-bride glow, it's time to plan.

So of course she'll get married at the same church you did, in your dress, with the same colors you had - pink, white, and cream - and it'll be perfect. Hold it right there, lady! We know you're excited, but what about what she wants? Unless she's the easiest going bride around, she probably wants a say. So take a step back, breathe deeply, and let her lead the way.


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