Make the dream of a stress-free ceremony and reception a reality.
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Weddings naturally come with their own share of drama. You're planning one of the biggest celebrations of your life and inviting dozens of guests along for the ride. Of course, your wedding will come with its fair share of antics, but that doesn't mean you have to deal with all of it alone! You're the bride-to-be after all. That's why experts recommend asking those around you-namely your wedding party-to handle as much of the initial drama as possible.

This especially important when issues arise in front of your attendees. "If you, as the bride, show that you're relaxed and happy, all of your guests will forget to be concerned," says Meghan Moloney, lead wedding planner at DC Engaged. "Having a few dedicated people who you enlist to deal with all concerns will help you maintain a stress-free demeanor and your guests will follow suit." Of course, even with a trusted drama handler doesn't mean some won't come your way even on the big day, but there are some things you can to deter it.

Make sure there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen.

Too many opinions can make the planning process that much more stressful. If you are the bride or the groom, Amy Katz of Amy Katz Events recommends reminding your family that this is your day. "If you're a family member who wants to help, remember who this is about and that you are there to support and assist, and that your opinion may not always be the most important," she adds.

Explain the boundaries before the big day.

Katz suggests making sure family members and friends who want to help all have clear jobs, and that they understand what's wanted (and not wanted) from them. "This also includes making sure any previous drama is kept out of the day," she says. "If there are any family members who do not get along, make sure they both know the other will be there and ​seat them apart."

Get lots of sleep the week before your wedding.

Sleep is hard to come by in the weeks leading up to your wedding, but it's in your best interest to log as many hours as possible. Not only is beauty sleep essential if you want to look your best on your wedding day, but getting quality rest will also help you handle any stressors that come your way. "Your body needs at least three continuous nights of rest before it feels, looks, and responds from a place of rest," says Brumbley. Speaking of rest, she recommends planning your bachelorette party well in advance of your big day so you have time to rebound.

Anticipate what might upset you.

"Generally, you know who and where the problem areas are going to be when it comes to family emotions," says Brumbley. For this reason, she recommends assigning a person who you know can keep others calm, cool, and collected. "Groomsmen are often great for this task or someone close to the person that you know may be a problem," she adds.

Consider hiring a day-of coordinator.

Don't have a wedding planner? You can likely handle the majority of the planning on your own, or with a little help from your bridal party. However, a day-of coordinator, someone who comes in to ensure things run smoothly on the big day, is a worthy investment, particularly when trying to avoid stressors. "He or she will work on your behalf so you can relax and feel confident that things are being take care of and that your list of priorities are being addressed," says Melanie Tindell, owner and event planner at Oak & Honey Events. "What's more, they'll make sure that vendors and family members are where they need to be when they need to be there, and they can run interference if there are any issues or uncomfortable situations."

At the wedding itself, find moments of pause.

With so much going on at once, it can be hard to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding-but you should! "Take time at your ceremony to look around the room and notice the people you love who have traveled to be with you on this special day," says Tindell. She recommends stepping away for a few minutes after the ceremony or during the reception to share some alone time with your new spouse. "Weddings are seemingly very scheduled and predictable, but there will be surprises and that's to be expected," she adds.


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