Want to have an awesome wedding-dress shopping experience? Curate your crew! Leave anyone who will bring you down at home including these seven types of friends and family members.
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Your Bossy Friend

In the salon, it's a good bet your pushy friend will ignore your preferences and will tell the bridal shop consultants which silhouttes are "best" for you. (Hey, she binge-watched Say Yes to the Dress, so now she's an expert!) Better to go shopping with someone who's more concerned with your opinion than her own-and someone who will allow the consultants to do their job!

Your High-Maintenance Sister

Guaranteed the drama will start even before you step foot in the salon. A likely scenario: She texts you that a 4:30 p.m. Friday appointment would work better for her than a 2:00 p.m. Saturday so could you reschedule? When you refuse, she calls you selfish and inconsiderate. Be polite but don't back down-the salon visit isn't about her, it's about you!

A Slew of Bridesmaids

Don't pull a Taylor Swift and travel with a #squad. Limit your group to three people: Pick friends and family who have an open mind, who know you well and whose opinion you value. Still have too many to choose from? Pretend you're on Project Runway: Who would you want as a judge?

Your Conservative MIL

This sweet but traditional woman doesn't understand your style sense: You love sparkle and glamour and are obsessed with finding a dress with crystals, beads, and faux gems. She's been trying to convince you that a spare look would be more sophisticated. But she doesn't get that it wouldn't be you. Next!

Your Flower Girl

She's superexcited about you wearing a "princess" gown and wants to see you play dress up at the salon. As tempting as it may be to bring her, don't. She's a child, and kids tend to get bored, cranky, and restless when they've got to sit still for over an hour. Promise her ice cream and a photo of the dress later!

Your Groom

Even if you share everything with your guy, keep your dress under wraps until the wedding day. Trust us, the look on his face the moment he first sees you as a bride is worth the wait.

Your Jealous Cousin

As kids, you had it all figured out: You'd have a double wedding! Two cousins, two brides! Well, life didn't work out as planned, and cuz hasn't had a serious boyfriend in years. She's made snippy behind-your-back remarks about your wedding date ("Who gets married July 4th weekend?"), your venue ("Tacky interior!"), even your groom ("That beard!"). Do her-and yourself-a favor and leave her off your shopping list.

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