Surprise your guests with late-night bites that they'll never see coming.
popcorn appetizers

As any honest wedding guest will tell you, one of the things big-day attendees love most is a delicious late-night snack. All of that dancing is bound to make anyone hungry! While there's nothing wrong with serving bite-size sliders, mini containers of French fries, or cups of your favorite ice cream, these classic snacks are far from your only options. To help you get inspired, we asked wedding planner Amanda Slater of Table 6 Productions to share her most unexpected ideas for late-night snack. In addition to being unique and fun, they're also filling and easy for guests to enjoy.

County Fair-Inspired Bites

Who didn't love attending county fairs-and enjoying all of the sweets and buttery desserts on offer-as a child? Recreate that experience at your wedding with a popcorn cart and a cotton candy machine. "It's a fun idea to have some fried items like funnel cakes or fried chicken, too," says Slater. "You could have a build-your-own hot dog station with toppings galore or pass beignets around the dance floor."

All Around the World

If you and your future spouse are travelers, you're going to love this idea: Consider serving late-night snacks that reflect your favorite destinations around the world. "Think empanadas from South America, mango and sticky rice for southern Asia, cannolis from Italy, mochi ice cream from Japan, and so on!" says Slater. "You can bring in your favorites from all of your travels to share that part of your lives with your guests."

Street Food

If you are a big fan of food trucks, bring in one (or two!) of our favorites. "Popsicles, frozen lemonade, shaved ice, street tacos, gourmet nachos, chicken and waffles, and mac and cheese trucks are what first come to mind," says Slater. "We love having a food truck pull up to serve these items for an authentic experience."


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