It's the perfect opportunity to try something new.

There's no better benchmark for upping the ante on your beauty routine than when your bachelorette party rolls around. You'll be snapping tons of photos with your besties over a long, fun-filled weekend. It's also a great time to test the waters when it comes to the beauty treatments you're considering doing before the big day. We asked beauty experts to share the top treatments brides-to-be are getting before their bachelorette parties.

Teeth Whitening

Sure, there are tons of Photoshop-wannabe apps out there that can whiten the way your teeth look in photos, but your bachelorette weekend deserves the real deal. "Many of my clients are doing the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching Treatment, which uses a whitening gel that absorbs deeply into the tooth to dissolve stain molecules," says April Patterson, D.D.S., a.k.a. Dr. Patty, cosmetic and restorative dentist and founder of Dr. Patty's Dental Boutique & Spa in South Florida. "It's especially effective for ridding your teeth of tough, stubborn stains and turning those grayish teeth pearly white!"

Body Scrubs

Especially if you're going somewhere warm, where you'll be spending the better part of your bachelorette party in a bikini, a body scrub is ideal. Mostly done at American- and Korean-style spas, this treatment involves a spa therapist exfoliating your entire body. "They use mostly circular and vertical long strokes to remove each piece of 'dead' skin," says Shara Strand, NYC-based makeup artist and owner of SHARA Makeup Studio. "After the scrub down, water is used (either hydrotherapy-type shower heads or just water in a large container like bucket) all over the body. After drying the body, most therapists will apply a lotion to hydrate."


Nothing beats glowing skin on your wedding day-and, along with lots of sleep and proper hydration, monthly facials can give you just that. "Facials increase blood circulation, remove excess dead skin, and balance the natural PH of the skin," says Strand. They're also soothing, stress-relieving, and relaxing. Strand suggests getting microdermabrasion, a technique where a machine is used to manually exfoliate the skin. If your skin is feeling particularly parched, a hydrafacial can perk up dull skin. "Hydrafacials refresh the skin tone, reduce pores, even dark spots, and refresh the skin by applying water to the skin surface," says says Chris Thiagarajah, M.D., Denver-based oculoplastic surgeon. "It also has zero down time so it can be done the day before a flight out to a fun weekend in Vegas or Cancun."

Chemical Peel

You're probably petrified that a chemical peel will leave you bright red and burning. While the procedure does involves stripping the upper layer of dead skin off a patient's face, chemical peels do tend to leave patients with better-looking skin than they started with. "This procedure gives patients a youthful glow, as dead skin cells are stripped away," says Dr. Thiagarajah. "It can really benefit any patient of any age so it tends to be a very popular cosmetic treatment among brides and bridal parties." The downtime can be anywhere between one and five days, so be sure not to get this procedure the week of your getaway.

Eyelash Extensions

If there's one occasion where you'll want to flaunt larger-than-life lashes it's on your wedding day. But why wear the stick-on kind that lasts only for a night when you can get semi-permanent ones that will for the weeks leading up to your big day? "They typically come in mink or synthetic, which is cheaper, and make your lashes look at least 20 percent thicker and longer, so they're a great solution for the bride who wants a pick-me-up at the wedding and also the honeymoon," says Strand. "Just be careful not to have them applied often, as they tend to tug at your real lashes which can cause them to be shorter and less abundant." The application process can last anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours and involves discussing your desired length and thickness and then applying each individual lash.

Hair Extensions

Your hair isn't going to grow that much more in the months leading up to your wedding, so hair extensions can come in handy to give your 'do the length and thickness you desire. "There are many different techniques to achieve natural looking hair extensions," says Strand. "One of the longest-lasting and most natural is called 'bonding,' where your natural hair is bonded (with glue) to the extensions, resulting in the look of naturally thick and long hair. Another technique is called 'weaving,' where the extensions are weaved through your natural hair." You can order extensions in practically any color and they can even be dyed to match your natural hair.


"Microblading is the hottest new procedure in the world of semi-permanent makeup, as it shapes you up and keeps your brows looking great for over 12 months after your initial visit!" says Dr. Patty. "This procedure may be comparable to a tattoo, but is different in a couple of ways: to start, it's painless!" Utilizing fine needles, a hypo-allergenic pigment that's selected to match your preferred color is implanted into the skin along your brows to give your brows a luxurious look with little-to-no pain. The best part is that microblading is not a permanent procedure, so you don't have to commit to one style. "Your pigments will wear off over time and allow you to design another brow to keep up with the trend," Dr. Patty says.


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