That is, if the court documents are correct.
Beyonce Jay Z Grammys 2017
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We're pretty sure the world stopped for a moment when Beyoncé and Jay Z's new twins were born. Now, the little stars are making news again-this time, it's about their names!

According to TMZ, the little ones are named … wait for it … Rumi and Sir. The outlet also notes that both names may share the same significance: "The name Rumi appears to be an homage to a 13th century Persian poet by that name-and Sir happens to be referenced in one of his most famous poems," they write.

The media source uncovered the news by gaining access to recent court documents. The company run by Beyoncé and Jay Z seems to have filed trademarks for the names on June 26th, which happens to be around the exact time the couple took their babies home. The documents secure the rights for a whole list of things: fragrances and cosmetics are among the items, as well as teething rings, rattles, and novelty buys.

Beyoncé and Jay Z conducted similar legal action with the birth of daughter Blue Ivy, which only bolsters the possibility that these are in fact the babies' names. No word yet on an official statement from the parents, but here's to hoping little Rumi and Sir are settling in just fine.


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