And she knows exactly when to say "no."
Kate Upton at Pronovias Spring 2018 Show Talks Wedding Planning
Credit: Courtesy of Pronovias

Kate Upton knows exactly what she does-and doesn't-want in her wedding. The supermodel, who got engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander last May, has been in no hurry to officially tie the knot so far, but it sounds like she's finally ready to prep for her walk down aisle!

Upton (who recently opened up to our Editor-in-Chief about a few of her wedding essentials) attended the Pronovias bridal fashion show and clearly has her wedding on the brain. "This is the first time I'm actually looking at dresses," she shared with People after the show. "This is the perfect place to start because they're so known for wedding dresses. It's an iconic place so I can figure out where I'm going to go on my special day." She added that her ideal wedding dress is "something that's classic, with a sexy twist." No surprise there! Upton's description fits perfectly with what we've seen of her personal style over the years.

The supermodel also said that she knows her fiancé will be a fan no matter what she wears down the aisle. "Justin is so supportive and I don't think that he would honestly have a strong opinion in that way," she said, before calling Verlander her "perfect partner" and adding that the couple's relationship is this highlight of her life right now. All together now: Aww.

There is one thing about her wedding Upton has already said a clear "no" to, and that's a bridal diet. Instead, Upton has been working with a trainer to meet her fitness and confidence goals, and keeps weight conversations completely off the table. "I never get on a scale because you can't judge yourself for how much you weigh," she said. "What really matters is how good I feel." It sounds like this bride to be has her priorities straight! We love her no-nonsense approach to wedding fitness, and cannot wait to see the gown she ends up picking for the big day.


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