July 29, 2011

As stain-removal expert Jonathan Scheer explains, lipstick smudges that you thought would permanently mar a piece of fabric like a linen napkin or an item of clothing can be removed with the following technique: Begin by scraping any residue off the fabric with the edge of a dull knife. Apply acetone with an eyedropper to the underside of the fabric. Tamp down, and repeat. Flush the area with alcohol; tamp down, and repeat. Rinse thoroughly with detergent premix, apply sodium percarbonate mix, such as Snowy bleach, to remove any remaining dye, and then wash in hot water with detergent.

You can learn how to take care of virtually any stain and find out exactly which cleansers and tools you'll need to keep on hand by downloading our Stain Removal Basics Chart and Stain Removal Basics Checklist.


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