The Most Iconic Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time


Do you know which designer created bridal gowns for Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor's weddings, both on-screen and off? Or which movie wedding dress measured a jaw-dropping eight feet in diameter? Not surprisingly, some of our favorite fashion moments in film are the ones at weddings. Just like in real life, brides on the big screen need to stand out. Whether you're about to walk down the aisle or frequent the aisles of the movie theater, enjoy these iconic, scene-stealing wedding dresses that went down in cinematic history, plus fun facts about the designs (and the designers who dreamed them up).

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"Frankenstein" Wedding Dress

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Two words: That. Veil. It may have been a precarious choice for Elizabeth (Mae Clarke)'s purposes in the 1931 monster movie (read: escaping Frankenstein's monster), but the long-sleeve lace number by Vera West was so very lovely.

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"It Happened One Night" Wedding Dress


Sleek and sexy and yet sweet and romantic, socialite Ellie Andrews (Claudette Colbert) captured the look of an ethereal bride in this flower-trimmed silk, body-conscious gown by costume designer Robert Kalloch for the 1934 drama.

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"Here Comes the Groom" Wedding Dress

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We could see a modern bride wearing this simple satin sheath, which Patricia Ellis wore for the 1934 musical. Off-the-shoulder necklines are making a big comeback in bridal!

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"Bride of Frankenstein" Wedding Dress

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Who says you can't be scary and chic? For her turn as The Monster's Mate in the 1935 horror flick, Elsa Lanchester rocked this caped column gown by Vera West, which is supposed to be made of surgical sheets and gloves of bandages. Talk about gothic bridal inspo!

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"Carefree" Wedding Dress


Sure, a modern bride might lose the big sleeves, but we spy something pretty timeless about the wedding dress costume designers Edward Stevenson and Howard Greer dressed Amanda Cooper (Ginger Rogers) in for the 1938 musical rom-com: pleated stripes of lace are trending in today's bridal gowns—albeit in a slightly subtler way.

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"Gone With the Wind" Wedding Dress

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It might surprise you to learn that designer Walter Plunkett made Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh)'s iconic wedding dress from the 1939 classic ill-fitting on purpose. The wedding was a hurried one, as her groom, Charles Hamilton, was heading to war, so the bride borrowed her mother's gown. Talk about commitment to the storyline!

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"Dark Victory" Wedding Dress

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Not only did her portrayal of Judith Traherne in the 1939 movie earn Bette Davis an Oscar nom, but the actress also said was her favorite role to play. The fact that she got to wear this wedding dress with halter neckline and tiered tulle skirt by famous Hollywood costume designer Orry-Kelly couldn't have hurt. A matching cap and simple strand of pearls completed the bridal look.

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"Paris Honeymoon" Wedding Dress

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Actress Shirley Ross (playing Countess de Remi) wore a wedding dress designed by Edith Head in the 1939 Paramount comedy-musical.

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"The Philadelphia Story" Wedding Dress


For the Broadway play-turned-1940-movie, socialite Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) wore a ruffled, collared organza creation with laces at the waist, by MGM's Adrian, an iconic costume designer known best for his work on The Wizard of Oz.

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"The Razor's Edge" Wedding Dress


Famous fashion designer Oleg Cassini made the timeless allover lace wedding gown that his wife at the time, actress Gene Tierney, wore as Isabel in the 1946 film.

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"The Father of the Bride" (1950) Wedding Dress

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You can't get much more iconic than Elizabeth Taylor's wedding dress in the original 1950 film, when she played Kay Banks, a daughter on her way down the aisle. It was designed by Helen Rose, who was known for her work in films as well as for creating some of the most famous wedding dresses of the era: Elizabeth Taylor's own bridal gown for her first marriage to Conrad Hilton, Jr. in 1950 (which, fun fact, was inspired by this one and given as a gift from MGM), and Grace Kelly's when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.

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"The Long, Long Trailer" Wedding Dress

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Film fashion legend Helen Rose designed the over-the-top Lucy Ball gown—er, lacy ball gown—that Tacy Bolton-Collini (Lucille Ball) wears in the 1953 comedy.

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"How to Marry a Millionaire" Wedding Dress


William Travilla (AKA Travilla) created the off-the-shoulder fit-and-flare wedding dress Lauren Bacall slipped on as Schatze Page in the 1953 film. Made of embroidered ecru lace, iridescent sequins, and heavy satin lining, the gown was sold in an auction in 2011.

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"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Wedding Dresses


At the end of the 1953 film, Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) and Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) walked down the aisle in matching tea-length, A-line lace Travilla wedding dresses, complete with high necks, bell sleeves, and veiled hats.

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"Oklahoma!" Wedding Dress


With a frilly neckline and green ribbon around the waist, the wedding dress Charles Arrico designed for Shirley Jones to wear as Laurie in the 1955 musical was simply sweet.

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"And God Created Woman" Wedding Dress


How cute is this short wedding dress worn by Juliette Hardy (Brigitte Bardot) in the 1956 French film? Pierre Balmain made the collared shirtdress with three-quarter-length sleeves and a thick belt at the waist.

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"And God Created Woman" Wedding Dress

John Chillingworth/Picture Post/Getty Images

And once she shed that conservative shirtdress, Bardot was a bombshell in her bridal bustier. OK, so this is technically movie wedding lingerie, but with similarly revealing dresses on the runways right now, we can't help but include the sultry, sheer costume in this list.

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"High Society" Wedding Dress

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images

Looking for a little floral wedding dress inspo? Turn to the dress Grace Kelly wore as Tracy Samantha Lord to marry Bing Crosby's character, C.K. Dexter Haven, in the 1956 remake of The Philadelphia Story. And that hat! So very sweet and iconic. The designer behind the bridal look? None other than Helen Rose, who created Kelly's own wedding dress.

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"Funny Face" Wedding Dress


Audrey Hepburn was rocking her Givenchy dress way before Bey, as Jo Stockton in this 1957 movie. The super-chic, tea-length wedding gown has become one of the most iconic in the history of film.

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"Houseboat" Wedding Dress

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After famously falling in love on the set of The Pride and the Passion, Sophia Loren and Cary Grant's chemistry continued in this 1958 movie. And though the actors didn't end up together (Loren wed Carlo Ponti instead), their characters in Houseboat did, with Cinzia Zaccardi (Loren) wearing this wedding dress by Edith Head down the aisle. With its high neck, structured bodice, full skirt, and soutache on net overlay, the ball gown is giving us major Grace Kelly vibes. It was sold in a 2015 auction for $12,500.

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"The Black Orchid" Wedding Dress

ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images

With its full skirt and sleeves, the wedding dress costumer Edith Head created and Sophia Loren wore as Rose Bianco in the 1958 drama is positively angelic. But it's the floral accents on either side of her veil and Loren's unparalleled beauty that really makes the look an unforgettable one.

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"Come Dance With Me!" Wedding Dress

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Jacques Esterel made this dreamy lace wedding dress for Brigitte Bardot to wear as young bride Virginie in the 1959 French movie. The regal look was completed with a crown and veil.

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"Vice and Virtue" Wedding Dress

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Damn, (Catherine) Deneuve! Back at it again with the great legs. The French actress stunned in a short wedding dress when she played Justine Morand in the 1963 French war-time movie.

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"Viva Las Vegas" Wedding Dress


To marry Lucky Jackson (Elvis Presley) in the 1964 musical, Rusty (Ann-Margret) donned a demure short-sleeve wedding dress perfect for a summery celebration.

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"The Sound of Music" Wedding Dress


With its classic shape and modest V-neckline, this ivory satin wedding dress designed by Dorothy Jacobs perfectly suited the woman who wore it, Maria Von Trapp (Julie Andrews) in the 1965 movie. The iconic bridal gown was sold in a 2013 Julien's auction for $23,040.

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"Penelope" Wedding Dress


Edith Head was behind the beautiful costuming (totaling $250,000) for the 1966 film, and that included this wonderfully whimsical wedding dress. The wardrobe was such a key part of the 1966 film that the credits feature footage of Penelope (Natalie Wood) showing off even more outfits that didn't make it into the final film.

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"Two Weeks in September" Wedding Dress

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We're loving the marabou feather-embellished wedding dress Tanine Autré designed for Cecile, Brigitte Bardot's character's wedding in the 1967 French film.

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"The Graduate" Wedding Dress

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Here's to you, Elaine Robinson (Katharine Ross), and that iconic wedding dress of yours. Thankfully, with its scalloped neck and hemline, Patricia Zipprodt's lovely design for the final wedding scene of the 1967 classic helped soften the blow of such a dark ending.

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"Funny Girl" Wedding Dress

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Though not worn for an actual wedding, but rather for the performance of "His Love Makes Me Beautiful," Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) made this flower-trimmed wedding dress a memorable one by stuffing a pillow in the empire waist. Academy Award- and Tony Award-winning costume designer Irene Sharaff did the fashions for the 1968 musical.

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"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Wedding Dress


Leave it to a Bond girl to do bridal in such a badass way. Not only is the dreamy jumpsuit by Marjory Cornelius timeless (we'd like one in our closet, stat!), but think how comfortable it would be. Tracy, portrayed by Diana Rigg in the 1969 action movie, was Bond's only wife, ever. Probably for the best. That wedding look would be one tough act to follow.

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"The Adventurers" Wedding Dress

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As Sue Ann Daley in the 1969 thriller, Candice Bergen looked totally regal in the high-neck, long-sleeve wedding dress with allover embroidered flowers that Ronald Paterson chose.

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"Rum Runners" Wedding Dress

Gianni Ferrari/Cover/Getty Images

Outfitted in a fringed frock by Jacques Fonteray, Linda Larue, or rather, Brigitte Bardot, was every bit the style icon in the 1971 French film.

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"The Godfather" Wedding Dress

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For her turn as Apollonia in the 1972 classic, Simonetta Stefanelli glowed in a lacy, empire-waist creation. The Oscar-nominated costume designer for the film, Anna Hill Johnston, framed her face with a traditional mantilla veil fitting for a conservative Italian-Catholic ceremony.

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"The Godfather" Wedding Dress


Poor Connie Corleone (Talia Shire)'s wedding day marked the beginning of a violent marriage, but still, the only daughter of Don Vito certainly was stunning in her long-sleeve A-line gown with trailing veil.

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"The Brady Girls Get Married" Wedding Dresses

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When it came time for the series' eldest sisters to get married in the 1981 made-for-TV movie, they did so in true Brady Bunch fashion: together! But unlike the double wedding in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marcia (Maureen McCormick) and Jan (Eve Plumb) wore different designs.

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"Out of Africa" Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Universal Studios Li

Costume designer Milena Canonero did some serious research before creating the costumes the cast wore in the 1985 film, and the re-imagination of Karen Blixen (played by Meryl Streep)'s wedding outfit was no exception. In Blixen's writings, "she makes reference to clothes she had shipped from Paris," Canonero told the Los Angeles Times

. "She said in one letter she wore a white suit to her wedding. I'm sure she had a very simple suit, but I wanted to make a little more of it. I decided to make it very French, a la mode." Of course, it was the white silk hat with antique embroidery that took the look to the next level.

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"The Princess Bride"


What little girl didn't dream of wearing Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright)'s baby blue, medieval wedding dress from the 1987 fairy tale? Costume designer Phyllis Dalton is to thank for the velvet, empire-waist gown adorned with pearls.

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"Coming to America" Pink Wedding Dress


We're willing to bet Shari Headley would have looked great in anything when her character, Lisa McDowell tied the knot in the 1988 comedy. Costume designer Deborah Landis agreed, saying in an interview with Complex

, "She is every designer's dream, because the more I put on her, the more she could take it. She could carry it. She had that kind of natural elegance. Very much like Audrey Hepburn." Funny enough, the fabric Landis used for the wedding dress is an inexpensive nylon tulle. "She had dignity and elegance," Landis said. "She wore it as if it was the most expensive dress on the planet."

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"Coming to America" Gold Wedding Dress


She may not have been "the one" for Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy), but Imani (Vanessa Bell Calloway) glowed in her sexy gold wedding dress, the fabric for which costume designer Deborah Landis said she purchased near 38th street in New York City.

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"Steel Magnolias" Wedding Dress


The first of many roles for which Julia Roberts would wear a wedding dress, Southern belle Shelby chose a feminine pale pink ball gown by Julie Weiss in the 1989 drama. With pink flowers on the bodice and pink sashes in the skirt, the bridal look was befitting for a girl whose wedding colors were "blush and bashful," or "pink and pink."

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"The Father of the Bride" (1991) Wedding Dress

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Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams) stole the hearts of dads everywhere in her wedding dress by costumer Susan Becker in the 1991 remake. And of course, the character kept comfortable with sneakers underneath—an idea that Williams borrowed for her own wedding to Brad Paisley.

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"Sense and Sensibility" Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

For the 1995 film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel, costume designer Jenny Beavan based Marianne Dashwood (Kate Winslet)'s stunning cream wedding dress with straw-worked collar and trim on the styles of the 1800s.

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"Sense and Sensibility" Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Marianne's sister, Elinor (Emma Thompson)'s bridal gown by the same designer consisted of printed muslin and lace trim. Over the dress, Elinor layered a crushed velvet spencer jacket with silk ribbon rosettes.

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"Emma" Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Miramax

For the final scene of the 1996 movie, Gwyneth Paltrow wore a lovely silk crepe creation with embroidered net sleeves and train, and of course, an empire waist that became instantly popular following the film's release. "It's an honor to launch a trend,'' costume designer Ruth Myers, who made it, told the Los Angeles Daily News

. "But the dress is meant for young women with perfect figures like Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow), as the style is not very forgiving.''

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"Romeo + Juliet" Wedding Dress


A spur-of-the-moment secret wedding and a very young bride (Claire Danes as Juliet Capulet) in the 1996 retelling of the Shakespearean tragedy called for a simple silk wedding dress with ever-so-delicate button detailing and feminine white gloves to match. It turns out, costume designer Catherine Martin (you'll recognize her name from her work on husband Baz Luhrmann's other films, Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby) has a thing for buttons. "I love a bit of trim and I love a button," Martin told Vogue

. "I think buttons are very important. Because a button is this big [motions with her hands] on the screen because 30 percent of every film [is a close-up], so if you're looking at a big plastic button on Leonardo DiCaprio and he's going, 'I love you baby, I love you,' and all you can see is the plastic button—it pushes you over the edge." Luckily, these covered buttons do nothing but complement Danes's loveliness.

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"My Best Friend's Wedding"


Despite some drama along the way, the young Kimberly Wallace (Cameron Diaz) did indeed tie the knot in the 1997 romantic comedy—wearing an off-the-shoulder long-sleeve ball gown with a 14-foot train and 20-foot silk tulle veil by costume designer Jeffrey Kurland.

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"Ever After" Wedding Dress


When Danielle (aka Cinderella, aka Drew Barrymore in the 1998 movie) walked into the ball wearing the same gorgeous gown her mother wore down the aisle, she looked like an angel—and not just because of the wings. Often referred to as the "Breathe" gown because of the phrase the character whispers as she enters the ballroom, it boasted a beaded bodice, off-the-shoulder neckline, and seriously intricate long sleeves, and was accessorized, of course, with "glass" slippers by Salvatore Ferragamo. Take that, wicked stepmother!

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"Runaway Bride" Wedding Dress


Designed by Amsale Aberra, the fifth wedding dress was the charm for chronically cold-footed Maggie (Julia Roberts) in the 1999 rom-com. But the pretty woman was pretty gorgeous in every one of them, which has us thinking ... would five dress changes be considered overboard IRL?

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"The Best Man" Wedding Dress


Sheer sleeves made Mia (Monica Calhoun)'s modern wedding dress sexy yet sophisticated in the 1999 comedy.

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"The Wedding Planner" Wedding Dress


While her costar bride Bridgette Wilson-Sampras (playing Fran Donolly) was beautiful in Vera Wang in the 2001 rom-com, Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) looked demure in the simple, boat-neck top and pencil skirt that Pamela Withers designed for the wedding planner's courthouse wedding.

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"Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones" Wedding Dress


Unless you're a Star Wars buff, you probably didn't know that Trisha Biggar used an antique lace bedspread as the starting point for the pearl-studded, scrollwork-covered gown worn by Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) in 2002. Linens never looked so good!

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"Sweet Home Alabama" Wedding Dress


Reese Witherspoon plays displaced southerner-turned-NYC-fashion-designer, so Sophie de Rakoff, costumer for the 2002 rom-com, was tasked with creating a dress that merged both her southern roots and city style. Bonus: It looked great, even when soaking wet on the beach at the end.

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"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Wedding Dress


In 2002, in the highest-grossing wedding movie (and romantic comedy!) of all time, Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) did her roots (and the title of the movie) proud: with a big, fat Greek wedding, and a big, beautiful "frosted cupcake" wedding dress by Michael Clancy to match.

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"Moulin Rouge" Wedding Dress


Come what may, we will always love the curve-hugging strapless dress Nicole Kidman wore in Moulin Rouge while her character Satine played the courtesan in "Spectacular, Spectacular." Costume designers Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie designed the Hindi-style wedding dress with silver metallic embroidery and beading. Their work in the film earned them a 2002 Academy Award for Best Costume Design.

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"Love Actually" Wedding Dress


All you need is love. And of course, a super unique wedding dress. That's what we learned from Juliet (Keira Knightley), whose long-sleeve, feather-adorned frock fit perfectly with the festive feel of the 2003 holiday movie.

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"The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" Wedding Dress


For the teen movie sequel in 2004, Gary Jones dressed Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) in a long-sleeve lace gown worthy of a princess.

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"The Notebook" Wedding Dress


Allie (Rachel McAdams) may never have worn it down the aisle, but a few frames from the fitting was all it took for us to fall head over heels for the vintage-inspired wedding dress in the 2004 film. And who could forget that scene in tub, when she's still wearing the veil?

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"Kill Bill 2" Wedding Dress


OK, so maybe it's the massacre that ensues that makes this wedding dress so memorable. But before it was covered in blood, you have to admit that "The Bride" Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman)'s long-sleeve wedding dress in the 2004 thriller was a pretty choice for the pregnant bride.

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"The Phantom of the Opera" Wedding Dress


As creepy as we find the Phantom's obsession with Christine (Emmy Rossum) in the 2004 film adaptation of the Broadway musical, you have to admit: The masked man sure can dress a hostage bride. Made by costume designer Alexandra Byrne, the off-the-shoulder, lace-trimmed ivory ball gown is a symbol of the character's virtue. It sold in an auction for $5,120.

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"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Wedding Dress


In the 2005 film that brought us Brangelina, Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) said "I do" in a Michael Kaplan creation.

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"Monster-in-Law" Wedding Dress


For this 2005 rom-com, bride Charlie Cantilini (Jennifer Lopez) wore a chic, ivory ball gown with a plunging by Saeyoung Vu Couture and accessorized with elbow-high gloves. Hilariously, her future mother-in-law, Viola (Jane Fonda), shows up in a look that's totally inappropriate for the mother of the groom: a white dress and matching white gloves. The costumer responsible for staging this epic clothing feud? Kym Barrett, who—fun fact—also worked on Romeo + Juliet and The Matrix.

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"Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" Indian Wedding Dress


Um, how ridiculously beautiful does Rani Mukerji look in the traditional red embroidered wedding sari she slipped on to play bride Maya in the 2006 Bollywood movie? The short-sleeve, full-length lehenga and matching veil were made by well-known Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

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"The Good Shepherd" Wedding Dress


Costume designer Ann Roth dressed Angelina Jolie in an art deco-inspired wedding dress for her role as Margaret "Clover" Russell in the 2006 picture. The cream satin dress, vintage curls, and of course, bold lip, were all fitting for the film set in the 1930s.

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"Marie Antoinette" Wedding Dress


When you're portraying a historical icon like Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst), the costuming has to be on point. In real life, the royal's silver gown was a truly decadent design covered in diamonds. We think the version designer Milena Canonero (winner of four Academy Awards for Best Costume Design, including for this 2006 film!) came up with is queen-worthy, too!

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"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Wedding Dress


Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) may not have made it down the aisle in this Renaissance-style golden silk taffeta, pearl-beaded wedding dress by Penny Rose, but it played a pretty big part in the 2006 movie's plot: The pirates were convinced it was haunted by a ghost, and it was later lost in the ocean.

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"27 Dresses" Wedding Dress


As you can imagine, it was difficult to find bridesmaids' dresses that didn't look good on Jane (Katherine Heigl), so when it was finally time for her turn down the aisle, the wardrobe department for the 2008 romantic comedy was delighted to dress her in a gown that showed off her figure: an Amsale dress designed specifically for the film.

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"27 Dresses" Wedding Dress


Even though we might never forgive her for deconstructing her mom's wedding dress when her sister wanted to wear it, Tess Nichols (Malin Akerman)'s ballerina-like dress, Reese from the Amsale Spring 2008 collection, was so elegant it almost made us forget.

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"Mamma Mia!" Wedding Dress

mamma mia movie still
Universal Pictures/Courtesy The Neal Peters Collection

For her Greek island wedding in the 2008 musical, Sophie Sheridan (Amanda Seyfried) stunned in a Greco-Roman design by Ann Roth.

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"The Duchess" Wedding Dress


Designer Michael O'Connor won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design for this 2008 drama, and it's easy to see why. With its voluminous skirt (achieved with hooped petticoats), Georgiana (Keira Knightley)'s dress looks like a work of art straight out of the 1700s. "This is a duchess," O'Connor said to W Magazine

. "She spent fortunes on clothes. You're creating a wardrobe for people who were noted for what they wore." And, consistent with the era, when brides were often sewn into their gowns, a (rather sad) scene shows the Duke cutting the garment off of the Duchess.

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"What Happens in Vegas" Wedding Dress


For her impromptu Little White Chapel ceremony, Joy (Cameron Diaz) somehow managed to pull together a totally cool, rock 'n roll look: a short, silk jersey dress complete with a full-length veil, garters, and beads reminiscent of Madonna. Well, at least costume designer Renee Ehrlich Kalfus did. "My inspiration for Joy comes from the way stylish urban New York women dress," Ehrlich Kalfus told InStyle

of the 2008 movie.

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"Sex and the City" Wedding Dress


At first, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) only put on this Vivienne Westwood wedding dress for a photo shoot in the 2008 rom-com, but one look at herself in the dress is all the convincing she needed. Other brides fell just as hard for the design: Following the film's release, a shorter version of the dress sold out within hours on And of course, Carrie's look was perfectly accessorized, from head (a silk tulle veil with feather headpiece) to toe (Christian Dior Extreme Dior Gladiator Heels embellished with Swarovski crystals).

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"Sex and the City" Courthouse Wedding Dress


As lovely as she looked in her grand ball gown, Carrie let the wedding get bigger than Big, so in the end, she wed in a courthouse, in an equally chic, label-free vintage suit. And of course, Carrie wouldn't be Carrie without a killer pair of satin Manolo Blahnik pumps, which played a role in the proposal and fittingly served as her "something blue."

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"I Love You, Man" Wedding Dress


Dressed in J.Crew's Rebecca Dress, a simple sleeveless sheath with ruched bodice and a bow at the waist, Zooey (Rashida Jones) looked lovely for the final wedding scene of the 2009 comedy.

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"Bride Wars" Wedding Dresses


Both besties-turned-enemies were outfitted in Vera Wang dresses for their weddings in the 2009 comedy: Liv (Kate Hudson) in a sweetheart tulle ball gown with a lavender sash and Emma (Anne Hathaway) in an ivory fit-and-flare.

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"The Young Victoria" Wedding Dress


To keep Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt)'s fashion authentic-looking for the 2009 drama, designer Sandy Powell told Vogue

she "used some vintage fabrics where possible, but on the whole had to use contemporary fabrics as best we could to replicate the originals. I scoured flea markets in London and Paris and bought lace and jewelry from vintage dealers." Powell even studied Victoria's dresses—including the bridal gown—at Kensington Palace. "It was fascinating to see the workmanship and the fineness of the fabrics. Victoria was tiny, under five feet tall, and her dresses looked child-size." And, of course, just like the queen, Blunt wore a flower crown atop her head.

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"The Hangover" Wedding Dress


Real brides-to-be may not have envied Sasha Barrese's character in the 2009 comedy when she was left waiting right up until seconds before the wedding ceremony, but they certainly fell for the wedding dress: a sweetheart Amsale A-line.

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"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I" Wedding Dress


A magical series warrants an otherworldly wedding dress. French designer Jany Temime looked to a mythical creature when creating the gown that Fleur Delacour (played by actress Clémence Poésy) wore to wed the eldest Weasley brother in the 2010 installment. "Fleur's dress was made in organza and decorated with a pair of phoenixes that face each other on the bodice and form the silhouette of a heart," Refinery 29

reported Temime as saying. "I chose the phoenix because, like love, it is eternal."

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"Bridesmaids" Wedding Dress


Forget that cringeworthy scene on the street: Lillian (Maya Rudolph) looked like a dream in this dress, designed by Leesa Evans, or at least, the first version of the dress. "It all started with it needing to be something that was couture and could have been on the runway," Evans said to


about her work in the 2011 wedding movie. And, for the absurd alterations on the actual wedding day "it also needed to be the version of that that's not actually wearable."

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"Melancholia" Wedding Dress


"We wanted it to be a very Barbie wedding dress," said Kirsten Dunst of the wedding dress her character, Justine, wears in the 2011 science fiction film. "Like a very traditional, out-of-the-magazine bride dress. [Director Lars von Trier] wanted to make it American-looking." Costume designer Manon Rasmussen came through with just that. And though Dunst didn't like the strapless confection, she told Huffington Post

, "that helped getting into character."

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"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1)" Wedding Dress


When it was time for Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) to wed Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in the 2011 installment, series author Stephenie Meyer called upon legendary bridal designer Carolina Herrera. It took Herrera and four seamstresses six months to create the custom crepe satin and French Chantilly gown, reported Vogue UK

. Though sleek and simple in the front, it featured intricate lace and button details on the sleeves and open back.

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"Great Expectations" Wedding Dress

Johan Persson

No list of movie wedding dresses would be complete without Miss Havisham (Helena Bonham Carter)'s theatrical gown in 2012's Great Expectations, for which costumer Beatrix Aruna Pasztor looked both to history and modern runway for inspiration. "I was very much influenced by Alexander McQueen's SS13 oyster dress. It's simple but beautiful and a wonderful example of how material can be used and layered to create a dramatic silhouette," Pasztor told Stylist

. "What I wanted to create was a fashion show piece, something that actually is a good piece in itself. And of course, the exaggerated hair and make-up was a key part of creating the look."

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"The Vow" Wedding Dress


Paige (Rachel McAdams) was pretty in pink for her wedding in the 2012 romance film. The short and sweet number featured a strapless neckline and embroidered petals on the skirt.

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"Mirror Mirror" Wedding Dress


Who is the fairest of them all? Julia Roberts, playing the Evil Queen in the 2012 film. Of all the poufy wedding dresses the Roberts has worn for movies, this one has to be the biggest. Designer Eiko Ishioka handmade the bridal gown, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter

, measured "5'8" to 6' in circumference, [was] handmade from 25-35 yards of fabric, with huge wire cages and corsets underneath … weighed a toppling 60 pounds, and was eight feet in diameter."

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"The Great Gatsby" Wedding Dress


The 1920s-set novel has inspired many romances—and weddings!—so the dress stylish Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) wore for her nuptials in the 2013 movie had to be divine, even if we only got a glimpse of the gown in a flashback. Costume designer Catherine Martin made sure of it, naturally topping the fringed, beaded frock with a feathered headdress appropriate for the Art Deco period. Martin was awarded her second Oscar for Best Costume Design for the film.

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"About Time" Wedding Dress


Designer Verity Hawkes knew that Mary (Rachel McAdams), leading lady in the 2013 movie, wasn't a typical bride. "I wanted the dress to look like Mary had found it in a vintage shop and fell in love with it," Hawkes told On Screen Style

of the red empire-waist sheath that showed off her baby bump. "I didn't want her to look like she spent anytime in 'wedding dress fittings.' ... The wedding needed to have a thrown together, joyous, and make shift feel—nothing overly considered or planned."

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"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Wedding Dress

Murray Close

It may have been just for show, but that didn't stop us from obsessing over Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)'s wedding dress. Designed by Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) in the movie, Tex Saverio in real life, it featured an "organza corset under a metal cage" and a tiered organza and chiffon ruffle skirt. "We did several Skype calls with sketches to work together in designing the wedding dress. I had seen a dress he designed with a similar metal bodice, and I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding-dress design," the 2013 film's costumer Trish Summerville said to The Hollywood Reporter

. And, of course, it famously "catches fire" when she spins, transforming into a much edgier black number. Hi, reception dress!

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"I Give it a Year" Wedding Dress


Nat (Rose Byrne) wears a shimmering Gatsby-esque sheath with sheer sleeves by Charlotte Walter for the wedding in the 2013 film, later topping it with her husband's suit jacket.

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"Muppets Most Wanted" Wedding Dress


Miss Piggy is a born bride, so when it was finally time for her to walk down the aisle and marry her longtime love, Kermit, in 2014, she went glam with a Vivienne Westwood-designed dress. "The dress is one of my favourite styles. It's called the Court dress and is inspired by 17th Century English royalty and the court of King Charles II," Westwood told Harper's Bazaar

. Interestingly, the paillettes on the corset were made from a not-so-glam material: "It has been designed especially ... in a white pearl sequin fabric made from recycled water bottles. It's the perfect choice for a royal sow."

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"Cinderella" Wedding Dress

Jonathan Olley

There's a reason the Disney character's name is synonymous with an entire genre of wedding dresses. From the illustration to the many onscreen incarnations, Cinderella's wedding dress equals enchanting. We're particularly fond of the one Lily James donned to play the princess in the 2015 film: a beige, long-sleeve silk organza gown with hand-painted flowers. "Rather than try to make something even better than the ball gown, I had to do something completely different and simple," costume designer Sandy Powell told Vanity Fair

. "I wanted the whole effect to be ephemeral and fine, so we went with an extreme-lined shape bodice with a long train."

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"Joy" Wedding Dress


Though he originally intended to make a dress from scratch for Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) to wear in the wedding scene of the 2015 film, designer Michael Wilkinson changed course once he found the perfect vintage dress in a rental house. "We made a few alterations to make it fit Jennifer properly, and then it was camera-ready," he said to Huffington Post


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"The Age of Adaline" Wedding Dress


We know Blake Lively looked gorgeous for her 2012 wedding to Ryan Reynolds, but she'd also be a beautiful bride in any era. Proof: The actress stunned as a modern bride in the Gossip Girl finale, and then as a '20s-'30s bride in the 2015 film shown here. For Adaline Bowman's wedding day, Lively was dressed in a vintage-inspired embroidered lace design by Angus Strathie.

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"Four Weddings and a Funeral" Wedding Dress

Four weddings and a funeral wedding dress

While Carrie (Andie Macdowell)'s first wedding dress in 1994's Four Weddings and a Funeral was fabulously of-the-era, her gown for the second wedding—which was the third wedding of the film—was much more timeless: A cream silk column dress with a knee-high slit in the skirt and a beaded bolero jacket.

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"Muriel's Wedding" Wedding Dress

Muriel's wedding toni collette wedding dress

For her wedding in the 1994 movie, the socially awkward, ABBA-loving Muriel (Toni Collete) wears an extravagant gown with an embellished bodice. For his work in the film, costume designer Terry Ryan received one of five of his Awards for Best Costume Design from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA).

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"Les Misérables" Wedding Dress

Les Miserables wedding dress

Costume designer Paco Delgado hit the books when working on the wardrobe for the 2012 film adaptation of the musical Les Misérables. Well, one book in particular: The one the musical is based on, by Victor Hugo. "You get all this description of daily life at that time in Paris: What people ate, what they were wearing, how the streets looked, and the social positions of people," Delgado told LA Times

. "It gave me a frame to start visualizing things. I was in Paris doing research and stayed on a small side street, and the chapter I read there mentioned the street Marius's grandfather had built his palace on, and it was the same street! I thought that was amazing." Cosette (Amanda Seyfried)'s wedding dress was especially beautiful—a pretty pink creation as sweet as the character. Delgado's work paid off: He earned an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design.

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"The Proposal" Wedding Dress

The Proposal wedding dress

The last-minute wedding of Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) and Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) in the 2009 movie didn't allow much time for wedding-dress shopping, so Paxton's grandmother (played by Betty White) offered up her antique wedding dress. "It had to be believable that Betty White was pregnant in that dress," costume designer Catherine Marie Thomas said in an interview with Clothes on Film. "How do you make a totally covered up thing sexy and beautiful?" The secret was creating not one, but two versions of the ivory 4-ply silk charmeuse dress.

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"Jumping the Broom" Wedding Dress

Jumping the broom wedding dress

In 2011, Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) was a classic beauty in her strapless wedding dress by Anjolique with an asymmetrical skirt and ruched bodice.

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"Enchanted" Wedding Dress

Enchanted Amy Adams wedding dress

Disney's self-parody of its animated films calls for a parody of animated princesses' wedding dresses. "We have all grown up with these images of princesses and evil queens by watching Disney movies," costume designer Mona May told LA Times

. "The key [to the designs] were to keep it Disneyesque to the core but bring a little bit of fashion in there and humor and make it something new." For Giselle (Amy Adams)'s wedding dress, that meant huge sleeves and petticoats and a tiny cinched waist.

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"Marley & Me" Wedding Dress

Marley and Me wedding dress

For the snowy winter wedding scene in 2008's Marley & Me, Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) stunned in a satin wedding dress by Florida designer Carolina Boulton—plus a fringed shawl to keep warm.

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"Scarface" Wedding Dress

Scarface wedding dress

Though it was Tony's (Al Pacino) white wedding suit that stole the show in the 1983 film, Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer)'s lace wedding dress was equally memorable. Costume designer Patricia Norris credits Pfeiffer for wearing her iconic dresses in the movie well. "She's a beautiful girl and it was perfect for the character," Norris told The Film Experience.

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"Camelot" Wedding Dress

Camelot wedding dress

Hundreds of hand-sewn pumpkin seeds covered the train of the wedding dress Guinevere (Vanessa Redgrave) wore to wed King Arthur in the 1967 film Camelot.

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