And she played Peter Parker.
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Time 100 Gala
Credit: Getty Images

Let's be real: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the ultimate relationship goals. Ever since they tied the knot in Italy in 2013, the couple has shown that they're nothing if not totally in love. From being stellar parents to their daughter Luna and enjoying special date nights in honor of their wedding anniversary to supporting each other through every challenge, the duo serves as the perfect example of what married life should look like. And on Sunday night's episode of Lip Sync Battle, where the model acts as the commentator, they gave us another reason to love them. Just check out the sweet moment they shared in the video above!

During part of the show, Teigen came down from the ceiling in a full-on Spider-Man costume. That's right-the model dressed up as Peter Parker. She posted a sneak peek of the moment on Instagram earlier that day with a caption that read, "Yes, I do my own stunts." In the video, the show's host, LL Cool J took off Teigen's mask so that she could speak into her microphone. "I just wanted to see if it's possible that I live out one of my biggest fantasies," she said.

While Teigen was still hanging upside down, husband John Legend walked out on stage and LL Cool J took away her microphone so that she could have her moment. Legend placed both his hands on his wife's cheeks and the couple shared a sweet kiss like the kind you only see in movies (literally). Now that's one way to keep your marriage interesting.

These two never fail to surprise us!


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