21 Champagne Towers to Copy for Your Own Wedding Reception

wedding champagne towers on silver platter with roses
Sylvie Gil Photography

Champagne towers are very underrated. The structures are downright glamorous, not to mention totally camera-ready. Besides, who isn't impressed by a mesmerizing fountain pour? If serving it up big sounds as appealing to you as it does to us, we're here to help you pull off your own impressive display. Here, we've shared some of our favorite wedding Champagne tower ideas.

There are a few different ways you can stack your bubbly, as these examples go to show. A classic option is to decorate your cocktail hour with a Champagne tower, which really sets the tone that it's for the party to start. It's a great way to offer up drinks to everybody, as well as a genius way to toast the newlyweds right after they tie the knot. Your display can stand all on its own or be paired with another wedding detail, like your seating display. To see how that's done, be sure to click through the rest of this gallery!

You can also save your Champagne tower for later into the reception, like during your grand entrance. You can even do the honor of filling the glasses yourself—as long as you're practiced in the tricky skill, that is! Ahead, you'll see towers displayed beside wedding cakes and dance floors alike.

First on our list is this gorgeous Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events structure, which was surrounded by beautiful Brown Paper Design flowers. That's just the start of our roundup of creative ideas.

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Group Effort Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers groom pours champagne
Thomas Steibl

Make the Champagne pouring a group event by inviting your wedding party to stand beside you, like at this A Very Beloved Wedding celebration.

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Coupe Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers pink champagne on gold tray
Abby Jiu Photography

Think beyond standard Champagne and consider something more colorful. This small Lauryn Prattes Styling and Events tower made a statement thanks to its pink sparkling rosé.

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Misty Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers bride surrounded by mist
Anastasiya Belik

We're mesmerized by the mist surrounding this celebration's Oh Marriage champagne tower.

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Sparkler Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers guests with sparklers
Sarah Falugo

Make your Champagne pour even more festive by giving guests sparklers to light for the special moment, like they did at this Chanel Dror-styled wedding.

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Stacked Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers crystal glasses on stacked trays
Yazy Jo Photography

Upgrade your tower with trays stacked between each tier—they offer an added dose of beauty and stability. ELK Design created this elegant one.

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Rustic Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers on rustic crates
Connie Whitlock

Tie your tower into the rest of your theme by displaying it on something unique. These mini towers—by A Vintage Affair Events & Rentals—were set on rustic crates turned stands.

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Entryway Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers staircase with cascading flowers
A Bryan Photo

Welcome guests with a Champagne tower right when they walk into your venue. This Sapphire Events and The Grand Bevy one sat beside gorgeous blooms by Kim Starr Wise.

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Five-Tiered Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers five tiered
Addison Jones Photography

A Charming Fête creatively matched this bubby to the tablecloth beneath their Champagne tower.

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Styled Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers with monogram sign
Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

If you're nervous about the integrity of your tower, use blocks to add structure, as Patrick Properties did here.

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Pink Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers pink champagne on staircase structure
Dana Cubbage Weddings

We love the look of this staircase-like structure by Ooh! Events, which held bright pink beverages.

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Tray Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers bride and groom pouring
Rad + In Love

Even the most practiced pourers can make a mess! Place your Champagne tower in a stylish tray to catch any spills. The metal one underneath this Art & Soul Events display suited the couple's modern wedding.

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Berry Champagne Tower

champagne tower with sign
Camille Catherine Photography

Beautiful berries floated inside the glasses that made up this A Charming Affair display. A thematic Third Clover sign (reading: "come quickly, I have tasted the stars") was the icing on the cake.

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Cart Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers on bar cart
Sand Plum Photography

A smaller Champagne tower will look lovely on a bar cart, as this Allyson Whitney Designs setup went to show.

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Escort Champagne Tower

summer reception ideas flamingo Champagne tower
Sarah Kate Photography

This chic Emily Clarke Events Champagne tower doubled as a seating display—guests' table assignments were scrawled on flamingo-shaped drink labels.

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Thin Champagne Tower

couple with champagne tower
Gabe Aceves

Et Cetera Event Company designed this tower to be surprisingly—and stunningly—narrow.

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Centerpiece Champagne Tower

champagne tower on escort card table
John Cain Photography

Draw everyone to your seating card table with a statement centerpiece: a large Champagne tower. This Food Glorious Food and A Stylish Soirée one was decorated with Branching Out Events blooms.

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Sunset Champagne Tower

champagne tower at sunset
Sophie Epton Photography

Sunset is the perfect time to serve some bubbly. Just look how beautiful this Villa La Vedetta tower was set against the colorful sky.

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Parallel Champagne Tower

big champagne tower
Sarah Kate Photography

This The Grand Bevy tower was smartly stacked to mirror the tiered cake it was placed beside.

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Illuminated Champagne Tower

joanna jay wedding champagne tower
Nina and Wes Photography

Set your Champagne tower in front of a giant window and watch it glow in the natural light. That's what happened at this Jaclyn Journey Weddings reception.

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Wide Champagne Tower

wedding champagne towers wide tower
Aga Jones Photography

Height isn't the only way to draw attention to your display. You can also go for a wide tower, similar to this Vizcaya Museum & Gardens one.

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