These short sayings will lift you up when wedding planning leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

By Ellie Finn
March 16, 2018
Stressed or Anxious Bride
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The best trainers always know just what to say to get you to push harder and go further than you thought possible. But that workout motivation doesn't have to stay in the gym. We asked wellness experts to share mantras that pull double duty, bringing calm to your workout and wedding planning. Read on for a few quips to keep in mind when you need to add a little peace to your process.

"Stop thinking thoughts that scare you."

Noa Shaw, a senior instructor at SoulCycle, may be known for his rock-heavy playlists, exhilarating classes, and signature bandanna, but there's also one other thing list clients expect from him: the annual mantra he selects at the start of each year for his classes to focus on. When it comes to so something specifically for keeping calm in the busiest of moments, his favorite mantra requires no explanation: "Stop thinking thoughts that scare you." Sometimes, it really is that simple, the pro swears.

"There's beauty in the struggle, trust the process."

Wedding planning gets a bad rap for the stress that nearly every bride-to-be seems to feel while in the thick of it. But with the right perspective, it's not just possible to manage all of the details, but you can even enjoy this special time in your life knowing it will all work out in the end. That's the sentiment behind the sentiment the ever-positive Alex Toussaint, a senior instructor at Peloton, loves. "There's beauty in the struggle, trust the process." If you can shift your thinking to truly believe that the journey is just as much fun as the destination, you'll be well on your way to pre-wedding bliss.

"Control the variables."

Meagan Kong, a professional dancer and fitness blogger, distills her mantra down to three effective little words: "Control the variables." In a workout class, that might mean asking yourself things like, "Did I bring water? Do I have the right equipment?" But in the heat of wedding-related stress, it means focusing only on the aspects of planning you can control. You can't do anything about a flower arrangement that doesn't come out exactly as you had envisioned, but can be sure to keep a detailed checklist of when payments are due. Knowing you're in control of some things can bring you comfort for all the ones that are out of your hands.


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