Things You Should Never Say to Your Wedding Florist

Your relationships with your wedding vendors are important ones. As with any relationship, chemistry, understanding, and trust are crucial to success, so there are a few guidelines you should follow when working with them—wedding florist included. Denise Porcaro, the owner of Flower Girl NYC, shares some advice, and a few things that you should never say to your florist ... just in case.

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Let's face it, you've already stalked that baker and his or her gorgeous cakes, and know off the cuff how many followers your favorite florist has. The attraction probably happened a long, long time ago when you started researching some of the most sought-after vendors, maybe before you were even engaged … Bottom line is, when you know, you know, and usually before you get down to logistics and budget, you know in your heart of hearts who you would like to bake your cake, create your wedding bouquet, and make your dress.

So once you find that special florist for the big day, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

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First, remember that you guys are in this together. Now, think to yourself, you've got this! It's your day, and you have hired a vendor that you totally vibe with.

The trust that you build together in this relationship is super important. Even though your vendors work for you, the trust goes both ways. At Flower Girl NYC we have had the best success with clients who put their faith in us-they have picked us to be a part of their biggest day, and when we get their vision, the pressure lifts! This is when the creative magic happens. Win, win!

Communication is crucial during this process-say what you know, and talk through even your smallest hesitations. A good florist who has been in the industry long enough can help guide you, make suggestions that you may not have thought of, and hold your hand through everything. If you know your flower names, colors, and what is in season, that's great! Your florist will love you for that, too! Either way, good communication is key. This will build the understanding you need from each other throughout the entire process leading up to your big day.

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So, what things should you avoid while talking to your florist?

#1: Saying "yes," when you actually don't know.

Ask questions! I always prefer to discuss everything and make sure I'm on the same page with my clients to prevent any surprises come game day-there are already plenty of stresses that come along with that day; flowers should not be one of them!

#2: That you want to change something major last minute.

Flowers are beautiful, and varieties, combinations, and options are endless. However, they take a lot of planning, sourcing, and organizing to get them to your wedding day, on top of being a perishable product. Make sure that you know the deadline (which should be in your florist's contract) for making changes.

#3: That you are happy when you are not.

Even with more seasoned florists, constructive criticism is important. The feedback I received (both good and bad) helped me immensely while I was in the early stages of flower design. You deserve the best on your big day, and all of your vendors should know how you feel-I hope that you have built the sort of relationship with each of them throughout the process that will allow for these conversations to take place.

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