What Color Suit or Tuxedo Should the Groom Wear for a Fall Wedding?

Black isn't your only option.

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Planning a fall wedding? One of the many things you'll be thinking about is the groom's attire; specifically, how to select a look that reflect his personal sense of style and the season. To get the scoop on choosing fall wedding attire that feels both seasonal and timeless, we went to the experts. While there's nothing wrong with black, there are more options to consider. Here, Brice Pattison, fashion director of The Black Tux, shares his three tips will help you decide on the right color tuxedo or suit.

Choose a Dark Color

Most fall wedding color palettes include a dark, moody color like navy, burgundy, or hunter green. If you like them, feel free to consider these hues as you choose the groom's and groomsmen's suits. "Darker colors make sense in a fall wedding, especially later in the season," says Pattison. If you're hosting a daytime ceremony, or else tying the knot earlier in the season, a true blue suit would work better, the pro adds. For an evening event, navy is a nice choice.

Surprise Guests with a Light Hue

If your ceremony and reception will feature lots of deep, moody colors, you may want to use the groom's attire as an opportunity to switch things up. For this reason, Pattison likes a white dinner jacket. "It's perfect for a formal wedding," says Pattison, and that's not just because of aesthetics. "It'll keep you just as warm as a classic black tuxedo if the weather is chilly. If it's hot, the white fabric will keep you cooler than black."

Try Layering

Wearing a few different layers is a good idea for more reasons than just looks: Layers can also help keep the groom warm on an unusually cool day. "Layering is so important in the fall, because you never really know how the weather is going to play out," says Pattison. Whether you choose a classic black tuxedo, something colorful, or a traditional blue, you can mix things up with accessories like your tie, bow tie, or a vest, and wearing the latter is what our expert really recommends. "Whichever suit or tuxedo you choose, be sure to include a vest-it's like cold-weather insurance, and you can skip it if it turns out to be a warmer day."

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