Remember the old saying: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!
Credit: Jose Villa

Feeling the urge to blurt out the first thing on your mind? Don't do it! No, really. It's not a good idea. Your well-intentioned comment, question, or quip may seem harmless, but it could make you sound like a mean girl. Stay in the maid of honor's good graces by fighting the urge to speak now and, instead, forever hold your peace.

"It must stink that your younger sister is getting married first."

Wow! Way to go in for the low blow. It's her sister. Of course she's happy for her. She's most likely not thinking of herself at such an important time. But now that you mentioned it she'll go wash away the thought with a few drinks at the open bar.

"Don't you think she should have had her sister as MOH?"

She's obviously the bride's BFF, and it's not your business to go psych 101 on her about why she was chosen over the sister. Families are complicated, and digging for the reason behind this choice won't make anyone happier. Whatever the reason, it was the bride's choice, and she made the one that works for her. So butt out!

"You'll totally wear that dress again (wink, wink)."

The dress is ugly. Don't rub it in. You may think you're making her feel better about the world's worst fashion disaster, but you're not. And even if she's one of the lucky ladies that has a super stylish bride, there are a dozen other ladies rocking the same look. She's not going to put herself out there for the next installment of "who wore it best."

"I thought [insert random friend's name] was her best friend."

So now you're the friendship police? Unless you've been following the bride's every move for her whole life, you likely have no idea who she is and isn't closest to. Friendships change over time. Keep your thoughts of who should or shouldn't be MOH to yourself.

"Yikes! You've been a MOH six times. That must be annoying and expensive."

These are her friends. Of course she's happy to do it! She'd likely say "no" if it wasn't something she enjoyed doing. She's quite the lucky lady that so many people value her friendship enough to make her their right-hand person on the big day.

"You're still not engaged?"

If you know she's been hoping for a proposal from her boyfriend of six years, then you're just being mean. Maybe she's not interested in getting married or they have other goals or he's just not ready. Either way it's not your business. Oh, and after she gives you a shocked look, please don't follow up with, "Well, it'll happen for you, too…one day."

"The dress looks so much better on you than the other girls."

Way to mix a compliment with a dig. While she's probably flattered you think she looks fantastic (even in this dress), she's not looking to put anyone else down. And if she is, then you just open a big can of worms that you may not be able to close. Keep it to yourself.


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