The Best Hairstyles for Every Wedding Dress Neckline

bride with lower bun updo
Photo: Jacob and Pauline

These flattering 'dos will take your bridal look to the next level.

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bride with lower bun updo
Jacob and Pauline

Now that you've selected a wedding dress, it's time to turn your attention to your hair. The best course of action? Don't treat your dress and your bridal hairstyle like they're mutually exclusive. Instead, your hair (however you choose to wear it!) should work complement and enhance your wedding dress. When the two are in sync, you'll feel like the best version of yourself—and you'll look it, too.

If you're someone who doesn't have a lot of hairstyle know-how (the majority of us!), it's difficult to know where to start, especially when it comes to putting together a cohesive look. We tapped experts, Nunzio Saviano, owner of the eponymous salon in New York City, and Temur, lead stylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger, for their insight into choosing that perfect style. Their top piece of advice? The easiest way to ensure that your bridal hair works in tandem with your wedding dress is to go by neckline.

Here, we've rounded up several hairstyles that perfectly suit today's most popular necklines, including scoop, off-the-shoulder, and high neck. It's important to note that some necklines will give you more creative freedom than others. "Some dresses demand a certain hairstyle, others, like the strapless dress, do not," says Saviano. Click through to discover the hairstyles that work best with your particular wedding dress—they just might change your entire vision of your bridal 'do.

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Strapless: Hair Down

bride with strapless dress and wavy long hair
Still 55

"This neckline is a green light for anything. It's just about what is going to look best on you. I prefer the hair down, but wearing it up can look really beautiful, too," says Saviano.

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Strapless: Sleek

bride with sleek updo and headpiece
Chi-Chi Ari

Case in point? This sleek, pulled-back hairstyle keeps a jewel-encrusted headpiece from looking too over-the-top.

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Strapless: Loosely Braided

bride with loosely breided hair and flowers
Koman Photography

For Temur, a strapless dress is all about flaunting your shoulders. This textural fishtail braid keeps hair swept back and out of the way without feeling like an updo.

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Strapless: High Bun

bride with strapless ball gown and high bun
Emily Delamater Photography

This ballerina-inspired topknot gets the romantic treatment, thanks to subtle volume at the crown—and it looks even lovelier when paired with a strapless sweetheart neckline.

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Strapless: Half-Up, Half-Down with Braid

bride with half updo and braid
Kristin La Voie Photography

A half-up, half-down style will keep your hair both out of your face and show off your gown's neckline. Dress up the signature style with a braid and sprigs of baby's breath.

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Boat Neck: All Up

deborah meryl wedding couple
Redfield Photography

The boat neck, also known as a bateau neck, is best paired with an updo, says Saviano. "When your hair is down, it can almost make the dress look narrow, and when it is open like this it will really look beautiful when the hair is up," she explains. We agree. The horizontal neckline—meant to show off your neck, collarbone, and shoulder points—begs for hair to be kept up and away.

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Boat Neck: Off the Shoulders

woman with bateau neckline and voluminous hair
Rebecca Yale Photography

Temur also recommended keeping hair off the shoulders for this particular neckline. "Wearing too much hair down with this look isn't flattering—you aren't able to see everything you want to show off," he says. A voluminous style, like this bride's natural curls, flaunts the neckline beautifully.

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Boat Neck: Side Bun

bride with boat neck and side bun
Kate Ignatowski

Balance out a low side bun with a lacy hair accessory (that doesn't distract from your collarbones!) on the other side.

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Boat Neck: Sleek Pony

bride and parents
Polly Alexandre Fine Photography

Make like this bride and pair an illusion bateau neckline with a sleek ponytail. Pro tip: Wrap a one-inch strand around the hair for a more polished look.

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Boat Neck: Low Bun

bride putting on shoes
Jose Villa

Keeping your hair up and away doesn't have to mean piled on top of your head. This bride's low bun, complete with a romantic twist, is the perfect way to highlight a boat neck—without taking hair to new heights.

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Off-the-Shoulder: Side-Swept

bride with off-the-shoulder dress and side-swept hair
Kurt Boomer Photography

"Off-the-shoulder is such a romantic neckline, so you want to keep the hair very soft," explains Temur. "What's great about that is that you can keep it straight and sleek or soften it up with some waves or curls. It depends on the bride!" A side-swept style, like this one, feels impossibly romantic, especially with cascading curls.

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Off-the-Shoulder: Piecey Updo

bride with long soft fishtail braid
Chris Isham

Since this neckline is all about soft beauty, you'll want to keep things piecey. "Pulling out a few pieces of hair at the front would be the perfect pair to this dress style," Temur says. We love how this bride did just that by leaving a few tendrils out of her sleek fishtail braid.

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Off-the-Shoulder: Floral Accessory

bride with natural curls and floral hair accessories
Chi-Chi Ari

Take notes from this bride, who pinned back her curls with an ethereal fresh floral headpiece. It perfectly matches her gauzy off-the-shoulder sleeves.

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Off-the-Shoulder: Braided Updo

bride holding bouquet
Michael Radford

A subtle braid adds structure to an updo, while floating curls bring that softness Temur loves for this wedding dress style.

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Off-the-Shoulder: Half-Up, Half-Down with Flower Crown

bride on beach
Aria Studios

Any half-up, half-down hairstyle suits this wedding dress neckline, but one topped with a flower crown feels like an especially appropriate pairing.

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Dramatic Back: Side-Swept Waves with Braid

Erich McVey

If you're rocking a wedding dress with an open back, be sure to keep hair away from the drama. "It's open for a reason," Saviano points out. If you want to wear your hair down, consider pulling it to one side—letting it hang in front—and elevating the look with a braid.

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Dramatic Back: Chic Bun

bride with open-back dress and chic bun
Kibogo Photography

For Temur, wearing a wedding dress with an open-back requires an updo. "There are so many ways you can go but a chic bun or pony at any length would work perfectly," he says.

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Dramatic back: Under-Braid

bride with under-braid updo
Gaby J Photography

Saviano has just one rule when it comes to this style: "The hair can't go over the fabric." If your wedding dress's back isn't entirely open—but is mostly bare—this is especially true.For a more modern look, opt for an under-braid style, which keeps hair pulled up.

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Dramatic Back: Victorian Ponytail

bride with curly victorian ponytail
Charla Storey Photography

A cross between a braid and a ponytail, this loose, soft style stops long hair from tumbling straight down your back.

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Dramatic Back: Fishtail Updo

bride with dramatic back and fishtail updo
Winsome and Wright

For open-back wedding dresses with intricate details, like lace, beading, or stitching, Saviano also recommends an equally-intricate updo. This fishtail style definitely fits the bill.

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V-Neck: Side-Swept

bride with hair half up half down
Sarah Kate Photography

"For this wedding dress style, hair should be softly pulled back to show off the gorgeous V-neck on that special day," says Temur. "It doesn't need to be all up, but ensuring that the hair doesn't cover the neckline is essential." For the bride who doesn't want to commit to an updo, this side-swept, voluminous style is the perfect compromise.

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V-Neck: Half-Up, Half-Down

bride with v-neck gown and hair half up half down
Justin DeMutiis Photography

When your curls are this pretty, you're just as obligated to show them off as you are to enhance your gown's neckline. Pull your hair into a half-pony and be sure to let several pieces free to frame your face.

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V-Neck: Milk Maid Braid

boho bride with milk maid braid
Eileen Meny

A milk maid braid brings a bohemian feel to a classic neckline.

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V-Neck: Side Braid

bride with v-neck dress and side braid
Morning Wild

For thick-haired brides, a side braid ensures that your locks will remain off your décolletage, without looking harsh or pulled back.

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V-Neck: Side Bun

bride with v-neck dress and side bun
Ella Jae

A side bun works similarly, but is a better option for the bride who wants her hair entirely off the collarbone.

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High Neck: Side-Part Updo

David Newkirk

"A high neck wedding dress should be paired with pulled back hair to show off the neckline," says Temur. By keeping your hair away, like with this updo with a deep side-part, you'll keep all eyes on the fabric's pretty details.

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High Neck: Wrapped Ponytail

bride with high wrapped ponytail
Hannah Costello

Another way to keep the focus on the vintage-style neckline? A sleek ponytail.

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High Neck: Center Braid

bride with modern center braid updo
T & S Photography

This fashion-forward, modern style is sleek on the sides, but voluminous up top. It's definitely flashy, but won't detract from or overwhelm a high-neck dress.

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High Neck: Center Part with Headband

bride with high-neck dress and headband
Brklyn View Photography

We love how this bride matched the laser-cut shapes on her wedding dress to the crystals in her headband.

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High Neck: Braid-Wrapped Updo

bride with braid-wrapped updo
Lauren Peele Photography

A braided updo only enhances this bride's lacey, high neck look.

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Scoop: Half-Up, Half-Down with Bangs

half-updo hairstyle with bangs
Greer Gattuso

Temur's go-to hairstyle for scoop-neck wedding dresses is a half-up, half-down variation (we love how this beauty wore it, with bangs!). "This way, you can flaunt the neckline when you need to or push a few pieces into the front, too," he says.

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Scoop: Faux Bob

Austin Gros

If your scoop-neck wedding dress errs on the vintage side, a curly faux-bob—and a bold cat-eye—is an on-theme choice.

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Scoop: Side-Swept with Twists

boho bride with twisted side-swept hairstyle
Savan Photography

This bohemian wedding dress calls for a loose, twisted look. We'd add baby's breath or small buds for a free-spirited touch.

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Scoop: Sleek Chignon with Veil

bride with sleek chignon and veil
Wookie Photography

Pair a traditional chignon with a short veil to keep the classic vibes coming—a sleek center part will keep the look from feeling dated. Just be sure to arrange your veil behind your shoulders, so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the scoop neckline.

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Scoop: Cascading Updo

bride with cascading updo
Becca B Photography

This style pushes curls towards one side of the head and away from the feminine neckline just inches below.

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