Check these to-dos off your list before settling into married life.

You did it! The party was a success, and, most importantly, you're now a Mrs. But just because the planning is done, doesn't mean your tasks are over. There are still a few more things to do to wrap up your wedding experience.

Say thank you.

This is by far the most important item on the list. Your guests were generous with their time (and many with their gifts), so take the time to say thank you. For gifts you receive at the wedding, try to get thank-you notes out within 60 days. While a pile of 200-plus cards staring you in the face may be intimidating, break it down. Spend just 30 minutes each evening writing a few cards. You'll have them done in no time.

Wedding Thank-You Note Dos and Don'ts

Clean or preserve your dress.

Spilled Champagne, sweat, and dirt can leave your dress a bit of a mess at the end of a fun night. If you're hoping your future daughter might wear your dress one day or you're planning to resell it, get your dress cleaned or preserved as soon as possible.

Change your name.

Planning to keep your maiden moniker? Sweet! One less to-do for you. If you're planning to change your name, it's not Facebook or Instagram that's the problem. It's the long arm of the law. Make the process as painless as possible by collecting all the necessary documents, including your marriage license, Social Security card, driver's license, and passport. Be sure to check your state's requirements for any additional paperwork you can fill out before you get started. The sooner you get this out of the way, the happier you'll be, and the sooner you can use your new monogram.

How to Change Your Name After Marriage

Use your registry-completion discount.

There will probably be a few things on your registry that you don't get. Grab any gift cards and plan a fun day at the store finishing out your registry. Don't forget to take advantage of your registry-completion discount before it expires (this can be anywhere from one to six months after the wedding).

Return duplicate gifts.

Don't need three coffee makers? We didn't think so. But this scenario is very possible if people shopped at the same time or just don't understand the idea of a registry. And it's not just duplicates. There may be a few things you get that just aren't your taste. Exchange them for something you really like or need.

Sell any extras.

If you were a DIY bride down to the last detail, don't let all of that hard work go to waste. Whether it's Mason jars or hundreds of skeleton keys or accessories for the photo booth, get your money back where possible. Post your treasures on eBay, Etsy, or Wallapop. You can even resell your dress on a site like Poshmark if you're not the sentimental type or don't have the space to store it.


Yes, there is a huge list of things to get done. But don't get so lost in the post-wedding to-do list that you forget to savor the moment. If you're lucky enough to hop on a plane a day or two after the "I dos," enjoy it. Spend time with your spouse, soak in the time away, and ride that post-wedding high as long as you can. Your list can wait until you get home. Planning a delayed honeymoon? Try to shut yourselves off to the world even just for a day or two before tackling your to-dos.


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