Ross Naess, Son of Diana Ross, Is Married to Kimberly Ryan

This ceremony was so gorgeous.

Diana Ross son Ross Naes and Kimberly Ryan wedding day
Photo: Kimberly Ryan via Instagram

It looks like Diana Ross has one big happy family-and it just keeps growing. The iconic singer's son, Ross Arne Naess, married Kimberly Ryan in a beautiful beachfront ceremony, and if the Instagram photos are any proof, his siblings could hardly contain their own excitement for the occasion.


Brother Evan Ross and sister Tracee Ellis Ross took to Instagram to post some seriously adorable photos of the big event, sharing their excitement for the celebration, some of their favorite pics from the day, and a snap or two of Diana Ross herself looking absolutely spectacular, as always. "@rossnaess and @kimberly_ryan so happy for you 2!!!!!!" Evan captioned a photo of the bride and groom in front of an ocean backdrop. "The wedding was spectacular!!!! Love you both so much!!!!"

He followed the snap with a super cute photo of himself and Diana Ross, writing, "My beyond beautiful mother," in the caption. Not only did Diana herself look amazing at the event–according to People, the songstress took to the stage to sing a tune or two for the newlyweds. Talk about family connections!

Meanwhile, Tracee posted some of her own favorite pictures from the wedding, including one of the glowing, happy couple posing with Diana in all their wedding looks. The bride's boho off-the-shoulder wedding dress definitely stole the spotlight! "Sharing some fav pics from by brother @rossnaess' beautiful wedding to @kimberly_ryan," Tracee wrote. "So much love!"

Not to be outdone, the newlyweds shared their own images from the unforgettable occasion. New bride Kimberly Ryan posted an image of the couple's wedding party, followed by a super sweet pic of their first dance, writing, "Thank you to my beautiful brother-in-law @realevanross for singing our first dance song! What a magical way to kick off our reception!"

But Diana and her kids weren't the only celebrities in attendance. Ashlee Simpson, who is married to Evan, and her sister Jessica Simpson, were also present and ready to celebrate, and Ashlee was even a bridesmaid for the event. This was certainly a wedding to remember!

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