Even good boys make mistakes.
Salma Hayeks Dog Lupe

In today's dog-related news, Salma Hayek, known pup rescue mom, has had some trouble with her pooches. When the actress appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she revealed that she has "some really nightmare stories" about her adorable dogs, but she loves them nonetheless. The worst story? A hilarious rendition of doggie Wedding Crashers.

Once, Hayek was staying in a hotel that didn't want her to bring her dogs. After begging the venue to reconsider, she got two of her pets approved. The family was accommodated in a separate location where the canines could be contained, but nonetheless, they quickly learned to escape, leading to a total disaster.

"One day-this is a very luxurious hotel in the Bahamas-I arrive and they're not there," Hayek said of her two companions. "And then I hear this screaming and big commotion. And I have to tell you that Lupe loves cake more than anything in the world. You don't know how many birthday parties were ruined ... and I said 'Oh my god, this sounds like a cake.'"

Hayek followed the sounds to a "beautiful wedding" and was shocked at what she found. "What do I see behind the palm tree where I'm hiding? I see the beautiful wedding cake," Hayek revealed. Sitting "perfectly" at the cake table were her two runaways, just as she suspected. Next thing she knew, people were screaming, the bride was crying, and the stubborn dogs weren't budging. But like any good owner, she knew how to help. "They know that when I whistle in certain ways they better come right away," Hayek shared, so she let out a whistle and the pups came running back home.

While we don't know what happened at the rest of that wedding, we did just get a glimpse of the day Hayek and her husband tied the knot. The animal lover Instagrammed a throwback for their anniversary, and the photo is too sweet. Check out the snapshot above, and watch the full Ellen clip up top.


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