How to DIY the Easiest Place Card Ever

David Stark Design shows us how to make an elegant, simple, and functional place card for your wedding reception tables.

Porcelain Hang Tag: Final

Instead of printing your place cards, here's a way to elevate your table setting-without breaking your budget. The key is to take something already available and customize it to fit your specific event. In this case we used a simple porcelain manila hangtag from Fishs Eddy. It's a wonderfully whimsical little product that instantly inspired so many uses with just a little imagination-including helping guests locate their seats!

We promise this is as easy as DIYs get and only requires a few supplies, including the hangtag from Fishs Eddy. Playing off the ever-popular paper hangtag, this porcelain iteration adds a little extra elegance with a cheeky twist. Keep it just as is, with a traditional thin white cord. Or customize each tag with pieces of ribbon that match your specific color scheme or wedding theme. Then, just write your guests' names with a marker-easy, right? We love the idea of using a metallic marker in bronze to contrast the simple manila hangtag. If you're worried about having a pile of unusable cards after a few trial and errors, the marker will wipe off easily with a little window cleaner, which is why these little porcelain finds are excellent for crafting novices. After your wedding, guests can take them home as personalized party favors.

Porcelain Hang Tag: In the Process



1. Write your guests' names on each of the hangtags. Don't worry if your penmanship isn't perfect ... it's supposed to look personalized. If you really mess up, simply spray a little glass cleaner onto a paper towel or cloth and wipe off the ink, and try again!

2. If changing out the original string, cut your ribbon to the desired length for each hangtag. We added two cuts at the ends for a feminine and professional look. Cut off the string and replace with your ribbon.

3. Tie each hangtag around your napkins, as shown. Feel free to get creative with how you tie the ribbon. We chose a simple knot to let the hangtag shine. Small bows will work beautifully too.

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