You want to look your best on your wedding day, but you also want to look like you. There are so many different beauty looks out there that finding a beauty look that suits your big day and personality can be tricky. Here, beauty experts weigh in on how to achieve the perfect beauty look for every type of bride.
Credit: Alona Fedorenko

Boho-Chic Bride

As a boho-chic bride, you want to look effortless. A natural look is what you strive for, and you want everything to be soft from hair to makeup!

"The boho bride wants simplicity. The beauty look should also be just as simple. Braids are always popular with boho brides and if wearing the hair down, soft waves or texture is favorable. What I love about braids is that there are so many possibilities whether you go up or down!" -Ashley Stone, Founder of Beauty Entourage

"For the boho-chic look, a half-up hairstyle is my favorite. Keep your curls soft and loosely pin back the front of your hair and criss cross the pieces in the back. For your makeup on your eyes, use matte taupes, browns, and ivory eyeshadow, use a pink on your cheeks, and on your lips a pink gloss." -Nancy Caroline Allen, founder of Nancy Caroline Bridal Styling

"For a boho-chic look, you want to keep your make­up natural-looking with fresh, dewy skin. Natural earth tones for eyes and lips, and keep eyeliner soft. Use peach, or a warmer tone, to create a glow with your makeup. I would also recommend an eyeshadow that is a clay shadow. A wet/dry shadow achieves a natural and dewy look for the eyes." -Jackie, Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

Credit: Li Ward

Rustic Bride

If you're a rustic bride, chances are your wedding will be outdoors. There are so many outside factors that can come into play, such as weather, so maintence is a key factor in choosing your look.

"A rustic bride is often having an outdoor wedding. When planning your beauty look for outdoors it may differ from the perfect look for an indoor wedding! I am a big fan of using anti humidity spray to be on the safe side, and I often gravitate toward a flexible hold hairspray as opposed to something harder. Hair should be soft and appear effortless for a rustic wedding. A down style works well with accents, such as flowers. If you go with an up style, keep it loose. A tousled wave loosely pinned up is the perfect look!" -Stone

"Rustic brides are complemented by soft makeup­­. Neutral eye palette, blended eyeliner and natural false lashes, mauve and nude lipsticks, and a rosy or peach cheek." -Anellyse, Lead Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

"To have the perfect hair and makeup to go with your rustic wedding, think soft and pretty. For your hair, I suggest a beautiful, softly curled low updo and incorporating a braid. Allow some soft pieces to fall down. For your makeup I suggest pinks, taupes, and browns for your eye shadow, and a pinky nude lip. Stay away from smokey eyes." -Allen

Credit: Liz Banfield

Classic Bride

As a classic bride's beauty look should be timeless. Think traditional with a modern, personal twist. You want to keep the natural look that is sleek and clean.

"The make­up is simple and clean, and the hair is the same. I always like to add a little extra detail in the hair or with an accessory. Details should also be clean and timeless. Whenever I am creating a look like this for hair, I prefer hair to be blown out and smooth. Avoid a flat iron. The smooth hair texture allows the details to come through in the style and keeps everything clean. A smoothing serum when blow drying is ok to use." -Stone

"For your makeup, use a shimmery taupe shadow on your crease with an ivory shimmer on your lid. False lashes are a must, but opt for the individual lashes verse strip lashes. They look more natural. A soft bronze contour and peach cheek will give you a timeless look. A pinky nude lipstick will complete the look." -Allen

Credit: Kat Braman

Romantic Bride

With a romantic bridal look, you want to keep hair and makeup classic, but with some added shine!

"If you're a bride going for a romantic look, think soft waves and loose curls for your hair. If your hair is down or half-down, keep your waves structured and loose rather than tight and messy. For an updo, have your hair loose and curled, yet keep those curls slightly unstructured. A bridal headband is the perfect accessory for the romantic bride." -Allen

"I love sultry eyes for a romantic bride and a pouty lip. Taupe, browns, darker shimmer colors on the eyes and a nice gloss in the middle of the lips to give a pouty fuller lip." -Heather, Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

Credit: Austin Gros

Glam Bride

With a glamorous bride, the makeup and hair will be more styled, so you want a dramatic look that stops traffic, but still beautiful for your perfect day!

"'The make­up is slightly heavier and the hair requires a bit more effort on styling. Often, indoor weddings offer the best atmosphere for longevity with this look. This look can be achieved with shorter or longer hair. Clean, sleek styles or very polished curls are your go-to when creating a glam look." -Stone

"I love to focus on the eyes when achieving a glamorous look. False lashes that extend in the outer corners give a more cat-eye appearance, and the eyes appear larger. Also, lining the waterline with a black liner gives a more dramatic look and makes the eyes pop." -Brittany, Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

"If you want to be glam, go with a smokey eye. Use black pencil eyeliner and smoke it out with a makeup brush. Then use grey and black eyeshadow to blend it up. Always go with a nude or light lip with a smokey eye. For your updo, a high bun and then use a braid extension to wrap around it." -Allen


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