It's okay to brag a little.
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Between #MCM and #WCW, there are plenty of chances each and every week to show your affection to your one-and-only. Depending on how frequently you post on social media, you might overdo it with your community and maybe (just maybe) make some of your Facebook friends roll their eyes when they see an update from you. That being said, if it's important to you to illustrate and communicate just how much you care about your new husband, consider posting on specific months, for specific reasons. Here, some ideas to get your thumbs moving throughout your first year of marriage.

On Your First Month: The "This is My Husband" Post

Most couples will spend one half of their first month of marriage in paradise, thanks to the traditional honeymoon adventure. This makes for some pretty epic experiences together and plenty of time to connect and unwind. For most newlyweds, that first month sneaks up on you fast, so an appropriate Insta on that 30-day anniversary might be just that, "Wow, can't believe I've called this man my husband for a month!" You can choose a candid shot from your honeymoon (if you haven't already posted 10 of those photos, that is) or from your wedding day.

On Your Third Month: #Us

Three months into marriage, and you're both still figuring out the routine, recovering from the money you spent, and trying to navigate the new world of until-death-do-we-part. While you've found yourself bickering as you learn to compromise, you've also probably shared some chill nights in, eating something terribly bad (but delicious), and catching up on Netflix. Let your Insta show something that really translates your marriage from the glamour to the reality: maybe a selfie in sweats together. Or one with the pup you adopted. Or one where you're drinking beers because you spent all day renovating your fixer-upper. As for the caption? Go simple and stick with something talking about "Us."

On Your Sixth Month: Your All-Time Favorite Photo

Can't believe you've been married for six months already? Even if you dated for three years before you tied the knot, there's something that changes when you make it legal. Those dramatic exits you used to do when you just couldn't with your partner? You might be able to walk out now, but you're in this for the long run and you'll be home before lights out. To show how thankful you are for your partner, your love, and your marriage, choose your all-time favorite photo-from your dating months or a recent shot-with a caption that expresses your gratitude.

On Your Eighth Month: Crush it Out

Here's when that #MCM or that #WCW will come into play. By now, you've gotten used to calling your partner by husband or wife, but you might have also gotten a tad lazy (it happens!) and you're not expressing your love as often as you should. Throw them a shout out via the interwebs by posting on Monday or Wednesday, respectively, letting them know that even if you've only been a married duo for a hot eight months, you're looking forward to a lifetime of memories and love. (Cheesy? Sure is. But worth it? Definitely.)

On Your Year Mark: A #TBT to Your Wedding Day

No matter if it rained, if your mascara got on your wedding dress, or if one of your guests drank a little too much, there's no question that you'll always remember-and cherish-your wedding day. When the year mark comes around and you're both going about business as usual, you'll feel tempted to look through those (expensive) images to re-live that special moment. Pick your most prized image from that day and share it, wishing your partner a happy first anniversary (and maybe including a gentle nudge that it's time to start planning your anniversary trip).


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