Can you guess what they're hoping for next?
Chrissy Teigen John Legend SAG Awards 2017
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There must be a million reasons why we love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend (from their love story to their sweet birthday messages), but being the best parents definitely tops our list. Last April, the couple welcomed their first child, Luna, and now they're looking to add one more to their family. On last night's SAG Award red carpet, Chrissy opened up about having another baby-can you guess what they want? Hint: it will complete the Teigen-Legend clan.

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"A little boy is next for sure!" Chrissy told ET. The pair conceived Luna with the help of in vitro fertilization, and chose to have a girl. "I think I was most excited and allured by the fact that John would be the best father to a little girl. That excited me," she told People last year. "I think he deserves a girl. I think he deserves that bond. A boy will come along. We'll get there too, so it's not like we really have to pick. But he definitely is very luck to have a little girl. And this girl is going to be so completely lucky to have John as her papa-it's crazy!"

Well we can definitely say that Luna is one lucky lady to have such amazing parents, especially parents that would rather skip out on an award show to be with their baby. "Awards season is always really fun for us," Chrissy told ET. "Of course we have a little baby now so it's very different. I will say, we're usually in bed by like 10:30 and I tell everybody, 'I'm gonna sneak. I'm probably gonna sneak away. Like, 'I love you but I'm probably gonna sneak away.'…I wanna eat Jack in the Box and I wanna see my baby and I wanna go to bed.'" Add another little one into the mix and we can only imagine this family's next-level cuteness!

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