Also important: Does this mean we'll (finally) get more photos of them together?!
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been (quietly) getting more and more serious, leaving many to wonder if the private couple is on its way to hosting the next big royal wedding. As the rumor mill keeps churning, a new development has arisen: Though the two aren't yet planning their wedding, they are said to be attending one together.

Rumor Has It Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Be Engaged by the End of This Summer!

Prince Harry is currently in Jamaica for the wedding of a best friend, People reports. Multiple sources are suggesting that Meghan Markle will be joining him, marking her first appearance as Prince Harry's plus-one. This-according to speculators-is a pretty big deal. People shares that the pair's attendance is said to mark their "public coming out," which means 1) the couple's relationship is reaching new levels, and 2) we'll hopefully (and finally) get a good photograph of them together.

The couple will be observing the union of Tom Inskip and Lara Hughs-Young, the former of which is Prince Harry's old college friend. Round Hill Hotel and Villas is said to be accommodating the wedding party, but not much else is known about the destination celebration.

All of this wedding-guest talk has us wondering about something else: Will Markle and Prince Harry also attend Pippa Middleton's upcoming wedding together? She and fiancé James Matthews are set to wed this May, and by then-if the rumors are correct-Prince Harry may be planning his proposal!

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