The star shared her nuptial must-haves.
Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

We already know that Mandy Moore won't be throwing a huge or traditional wedding. The bride-to-be has said she'll be skipping a white dress and that she wants her celebration to be low-key. But those aren't the only details she's spilled. The actress just got a bit more specific about her plans, telling Entertainment Tonight exactly what her big-day must-haves are.

"We want to have a friend officiate," Moore shared, noting that a "connection with our friends, and our friend group," is important to her and fiancé Taylor Goldsmith. The couple wants their nearest and dearest "to feel a part" of their celebration. She also expressed a desire to have the event at an intimate venue. "I think I maybe want to do it at our home, like, do it very privately," she added.

Finally, she shared that she wants "music to be an important thread throughout." "So maybe find a way to incorporate Taylor, or some of our musician friends, or something," she explained. Overall, the This Is Us star hopes to make her nuptials "feel very much like us, and like a slightly more elevated house party, or something. Nothing fancy!"

In the interview, the actress also revealed why she's in the right place in her life to get married again. "I don't think I would have found myself in a happy and healthy relationship had I not done the work on myself first," she admitted. "I needed to get there before being completely open and ready to find the love that I've been lucky enough to find. I definitely don't think we would have found each other before I was ready to do that work."


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