Wedding Roses 101

Maria Robledo

So you've settled on roses for your wedding flowers. But do you know which of the wide variety of roses, from tea roses to majolica roses, is your favorite? Before you panic (or go Pinterest-crazy), familiarize yourself with the names of the roses found in these bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Using our flower arrangements as a guide, you'll be able to hand your florist a list the rose types you like and ideas for using them.

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This dreamy clutch of anemones, astilbe, Juliet garden roses, peonies, succulents, brunia, and dusty miller in watercolor shades stole the scene at a real wedding in Wimberley, Texas.

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This real bride's clutch was a romantic bounty of majolica roses, hydrangeas, and dinner-plate dahlias.

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'High and Fantasy'


Bouquets of 'High and Fantasy' roses, brunia, freesia, seeded eucalyptus, and pepperberries matched the romantic style of this real wedding in Washington, D.C.

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'Bianca' and 'Valerie'

Christopher Baker

This bridal composition includes calla lilies, nerine lilies, and 'Valerie' roses, plus 'Candy Bianca' roses and lisianthus, wrapped in a cuff of eyelet-bordered fabric.

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'Magic Silver'

Maria Robledo

Each delicate petal of these pastel pink 'Magic Silver' roses are tipped with antique brown. The bundle is ringed with a cuff of smoke-bush leaves.

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'Cool Water'

Erin Hearts Court

The bridesmaids at this Bali wedding carried bouquets of mauve 'Cool Water' roses, lilac snapdragons, purple hydrangeas, and green dendrobium orchids with white 'Celesta' aster and 'Xanadu' foliage accents.

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'Message' and 'Ilios'

Christopher Baker

This sunny pair of bridesmaids' bouquets feature 'Message' (the light yellow) and 'Ilios' (darker yellow), and the stems are tied with matching satin ribbons.

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Garden Roses


This fragrant bundle puts the classic garden rose on display. Wide pink ribbon edged in brown blends seamlessly with this bouquet.

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Tea Roses


Tiny tea roses in a contrasting shade are perfect for puncuating a billowing bundle of blooms. The myriad shades of pink found in these garden roses, spidery jasmine buds, and scabiosas pop next to the butter-yellow tea roses.

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'Romantic Majolica'

Johnny Miller

These 'Romantic Majolica,' garden, and spray roses make contemporary centerpieces when juxtaposed with geometric terra-cotta pots.

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French Garden Roses


Small tailored garden roses in buff set the stage for these dramatic pink French garden roses. Clematis buds and vines tumble out between them, and generous lengths of peach silk ribbon accented with tiny gold tassels reinforce the unusual color combination.

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Garden Cabbage, Mini-Spray, and Hybrid Roses

Sang An

Each variety of rose in this classic dome bouquet is placed in clusters to better display its individual style and shade. The spiral of the stems provides an added bit of artistry.

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'Versillia,' 'Mystique,' 'Oriental Curiosa,' and 'Singing in the Rain'

Dana Gallagher

This 30-blossom bouquet is made from four types of peach roses and studded with eight blush-tipped tuberoses. The stems are bound and then tied with a peach velvet ribbon for an end-of-spring bouquet that is elegant and fragrant.

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'Abracadabra' and 'Hocus Pocus'

Sang An

Striped 'Abracadabra' and 'Hocus Pocus' roses make an arresting foundation for this bouquet. Their yellow and aubergine shades are mirrored by an assortment of butter-hued roses, bright yellow marigolds, deep burgundy ranunculus, and orange-colored rose hips. A vintage ribbon in a sparkling golden-yellow hue completes the arrangement.

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Our Labor of Love

Each bridesmaid in this wedding carried a bouquet of 'Leonidas' roses, bittersweet, and dahlias with herb accents.

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'Black Magic,' 'Red Devil,' and 'Black Beauty'

Maria Robledo

This trio of festive, jewel-toned roses combine to striking effect with plumes of garnet astilbe and bunches of pink pepperberries. The stems are wrapped in a cone of brown satin ribbon almost three inches wide.

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Dutch Roses

Sang An

A bouquet that combines roses with seasonal blooms and greenery will have a fresh-from-the-garden feel. Here, these late-summer purple clematis, pale hibiscus, and fuchsia-speckled caladium leaves surround luxurious Dutch and garden roses. One vintage silk ribbon overlays another to form a billowy bow.

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'Blue Bird,' 'Delilah,' and 'Sterling Silver'

Maria Robledo

Clusters of plump, shiny Viburnum tinus and soft mophead hydrangeas are tucked between these velvety roses transforming a simple dome bouquet into a wonder of shapes and textures.

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Jade Roses


A painterly mix of green hydrangea, jade roses, and moss are arranged in cast-iron garden urns for a rustic-style centerpiece.

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'Inge' and 'Toscanini'

Maria Robledo

This simple and sublime mix of roses float in an old-fashioned fishbowl as an utterly romantic centerpiece.

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Sahara Roses


These bridesmaid bouquets were made using Sahara roses, thistle, blue muscari, seeded eucalyptus, spray roses, and dusty miller.

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