Lara and Oliver's Cozy Rehearsal Dinner at a Pub in the Cotswolds

The Couple

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Lara Snider had been working for Anthropologie, visually directing their store openings across the globe, when she decided to move from New York City to London. Soon after, a visiting friend convinced her to go to a pub with some of her buddies, one of whom was Oliver Curry, a postdoctoral researcher. They were drawn to each other instantly, and just 48 hours later went on their first date. And so, their romance began.

Before they wed in an outdoor ceremony at the Barnsley House in the Cotswolds in June 2011, Lara and Oliver threw a casual get-together at the local pub.

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The Secret Garden

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Rehearsal dinners are not a tradition in England, so many guests weren't sure what to expect.

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The Venue

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But regardless, it was a great way to break the ice, particularly with help of a pub quiz. "People mingled and then created teams for each table. It was outrageously funny for me and Oliver to observe," Lara said.

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Ice Breakers

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The couple kicked things off with an authentic meal of fish & chips, with fresh strawberries & cream for dessert.

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Horse Shoes

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Lara wore a 1950s French lace dress from The Vintage Wedding Company, which she personalized with a bit of velvet ribbon and a brooch from her father.

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Deer Head

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Tables were decorated with fern centerpieces, which were re-purposed for the wedding reception.

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The Beer Window

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As for the quiz, questions covered a variety of subjects and included: What did Lara try for the first time in Amsterdam, and become addicted to? (bicycling). What is 'toad in the hole'? And how many times has Lara had it? (sausage in yorkshire pudding; 3). What did both Oliver & Lara's maternal grandfathers do for a living? (printers). What foodstuff did Oliver once have a phobia about? (tinned tomatoes).

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Cozy Seating Area

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