Searching for festive—and affordable—table number ideas? Then, check out this DIY project from Vané Broussard and Minhee Cho's new book, Weddings in Color. It's super easy and creative! If you've already found your table numbers, the frames also make great favors and keepsakes.
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  • Table number printouts, photos, or other items for display
  • Printer (optional)
  • 12-by-12-in/30.5-by-30.5-cm sheets of glitter paper in the color of your choice
    Tip: The number of sheets needed depends on the size of your numbers and how many you need to make.
  • Scissors
  • Magnetic acrylic frames of various sizes (available at Crate & Barrel and other home stores)
  • Rolls of gold and silver Mylar tape in varying widths
    Tip: We used widths of 3/4 in, 2 cm and 1/4 in, and 6 mm.


1. Draw or print out the numbers at a size that works with your frames. Place your numbers over the glitter paper, and, using the scissors, cut them out as neatly as possible.

2. Open your acrylic frame and situate the number in it. Make sure the number is as close to centered as possible. Then without disturbing the number, align the magnets to close the frame.

3. Take your larger gold tape, and, starting at one end of the frame, apply it as close to the edge as possible. The tape is easy to lift up and doesn't leave a residue, so if you need to start over, that's okay. Once you've affixed the tape all the way around the frame, use the scissors to cut a clean edge. Depending on the width of your frame, you may need to go around twice with the tape.

4. Once you have a base of tape around all of the edges of the frame, you can either leave the frame as is or add another thin layer to hide the seam. You can also add decorative strips of another color all the way around. There's no wrong way to do this!

Credit: Courtesy of Chronicle Books

For more ideas like this, pick up a copy of Vané Broussard and Minhee Cho's new book, Weddings in Color (Chronicle Books, 2015), on sale now! (Bonus: The book's forward is written by Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller!)


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