Whether you're trying to get wrinkles out of a suit or tuxedo, these expert-approved tips will help.
michael thomas wedding couple getting ready tying ties

Brides usually spend months choosing their wedding-day attire, so it stands to reason that the groom should follow suit and plan ahead, too. After all, he deserves to feel just as confident on the wedding day. While part of that confidence comes from choosing a suit or tuxedo he really loves, feeling great on the big day ultimately comes down to more than just that-he'll also want to make sure to avoid any day-of mishaps and know how to handle them if things go awry. One of the biggest concerns a groom will have to think about? Wrinkles.

Amanda Gray from Ashley Baber Weddings stresses the importance of shopping early on and trying on all pieces as soon as they're picked up to avoid fit issues on the wedding day. Then, in order to ensure the suit is in pristine condition for the ceremony, she suggests enlisting a pro to assist with ironing and steaming the suit. "We highly recommend having this done by a professional at least the day before the wedding!" she says.

The last thing you need on your wedding day is a wrinkled suit that gives the impression that you just rolled out of bed. While you can bring an iron or steamer with you to the venue, it's important to note that certain fabrics needed to be handled with care, and what works on your suit itself may not work on your shirt or tie. A silk tie, for example, should be ironed on medium heat under a pressing cloth. A wool suit, on the other hand, will need to be steamed inside-out on medium heat to release the fibers. Do your research in order to understand whether the fabrics of your suit require an iron, a steamer, and/or a pressing cloth. Some fabrics will stretch with steam, so it's essential to learn how the fabric of your suit or tuxedo reacts to heat and water before tackling wrinkles head-on.

Calder Clark says, "When in doubt, turn it inside out for a warm iron press or leave it to the pros." Her team at Calder Clark includes personal dressers that are meant to help the groom with his suit, tie, boutonnière, and anything else standing in the way of him looking and feeling his absolute best when he walks down the aisle.


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