25 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Fall Wedding Guests

tory sean wedding lake placid new york guests on dock
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What do you wear to an autumn celebration? Get seasonal fashion inspiration here.

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tory sean wedding lake placid new york guests on dock
Apryl Ann Photography

You would be excited about the fall wedding you're invited to, but you can't stop stressing about your outfit. Don't fret, autumn attendee—we've got your back. Here, we've rounded up an array of ensemble options that are perfect for the season, and our guide to fall wedding guest attire covers all the bases.

Maybe you don't know what color dress to choose. Or maybe, you don't know what color suit or tux works for a fall wedding. No matter what kind of outfit you're wearing, we've got shade recommendations. Our top suggestions are rich, dark, or metallic hues—plus seasonal colors (any autumn leaf color works). Need more guidance? You'll see plenty of examples ahead. If you're less concerned about color and more concerned with theme, we've got iddeas for you, too. We've included inspiration for everything from a casual fall wedding to a formal fall wedding, plus every level of formality in between. For a laid-back, rustic celebration, consider autumn's favorite pattern: plaid. For an elegant affair, try glamorous sequins.

Finally, you may be worried about the weather—especially if the wedding's outdoors. Luckily, we've got style tips for that, as well. The best thing you can do is dress in layers, so you're prepared for whatever the day may bring. (It could be freezing outside but steamy inside if the heat's on, for example). Accessories like scarves and shawls should serve you well—we've featured a few.

Dressing yourself for a fall wedding can be a piece of cake. That is, if you turn to these chic celebrants and our accompanying advice for guidance.

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Color Me Stylish

fall wedding guests attire dark vibrant colors
Ryan Ray Photography

In autumn, dark colors are always popular, but you can still experiment with brighter shades. This guest accessorized a classic black suit with a fun bow tie. Meanwhile, his date wore black mixed with vibrant blue.

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Going Green

fall wedding guests emerald green
Lacie Hansen Photography

We love this wedding guest's emerald green dress—jewel tones and fall go hand-in-hand. Her long sleeves and long skirt were also suited for colder weather.

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Statement Sparkles

fall wedding guests purple sparkles
Rebecca Hollis Photography

This attendee stepped out in purple sequins—the rich color and sparkling material both said "fall." She also kept warm in a light tan coat. The man to her left chose a gray suit and yellow-and-blue tie, which also looked seasonal.

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Neutral Ground

fall wedding guests attire neutral gray suit brown tie
Rebecca Lindon

Earthy shades, like brown and gray, nod to autumn landscapes. This guest wore a tie in the former color, plus a suit and vest in the latter.

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Black Is Back

diana alex wedding guests
Greg Finck

All-black ensembles won't do you wrong, as these guests went to show.

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So Smooth

fall wedding guests attire red velvet
Alea Lovely Fine Art Photographer

Fall is the perfect time to pull out heavier fabrics, like velvet. The celebrant on the right chose a red dress in the material.

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Such a Gem

fall wedding guests gem colors
Greg Finck

These women all wore autumnal, gem-inspired colors: garnet red, peridot green, sapphire blue, and rose quartz pink.

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Fall Florals

fall wedding guests floral patterns couple
Mon Soleil

Florals aren't just for spring, as the guest on the right proved with her black-and-white dress. Her date's outfit was on-point for fall, too, thanks to its mustard yellow tie.

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Shawls, Y'all

fall wedding guests attire shawls
Rebecca Lindon

The easiest way to stay toasty on the big day? Bring along a shawl, like these fashionable guests did.

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Lovely Lace

fall wedding guests attire black lace
Ryan Ray Photography

Black lace isn't just chic—it's on-trend for autumn, as well. The guest on the left rocked a dress adorned with the fabric.

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Perfect Prints

jenna alok welcome party guests
Amanda Crean

If you're wondering if you can pull off a print, let these ladies convince you that the answer is "yes." Each one wore a patterned dress in seasonal shades.

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Plaid About You

wedding guests
Lauren Kinsey

We're mad for plaid, and especially in the fall. For a subtle pop of the pattern, try accenting a look with it. His companion also wore a fall-ready outfit. Her long black dress and matching cardigan kept her comfortable in the chilly air.

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Marvelously Metallic

Britt Chudleigh - Chudleigh Weddings

The cooler it gets, the more we love sparkly ensembles, which exude the festivity often associated with colder months. The guest on the left's gold gown fit the bill.

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Suit Up

fall wedding guests attire green yellow suits
Sarah Kate Photography

Here's more proof that fall men's attire doesn't have to be boring. These guys both wore seasonal colors: green and yellow.

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Button Up

fall wedding guests attire long sleeve patterned dress shirt
Tec Petaja

For a casual-cool celebration, try a long-sleeved shirtdress, like the celebrant shown on the left wore.

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Piece by Piece

tommy steve wedding guests
Belathée Photography

If a dress isn't doing it for you, try combining separates. The guest on the right masterfully combined a black sweater with a fall-ish red skirt.

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Gray Day

fall wedding guests attire classic gray
The Edges

We consider gray a classy choice for autumn weddings—clearly, these guests agreed.

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Show Some Skin

emily adhir wedding guests
Brandon Kidd Photography

You don't have to completely cover up. Cold-shoulder dresses, like this woman's blue one, give you the best of both worlds. (We also like how these two coordinated their looks.)

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Totally Textured

Polly Alexandre Fine Photography

Velvet made another appearance at this celebration, where both the ladies pictured donned the fabric in autumnal colors. The woman on the left also accessorized with faux fur—a warm, and therefore seasonal, addition.

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Cover Up

madeline brad wedding guests
Michael and Carina Photography

During the transition months, dressing for the weather can be tricky. We like how this woman selected a strappy dress (in seasonal navy lace) but came prepared with a neutral-hued shawl. Her date went with a traditional tuxedo, which is never a bad option for a formal fall wedding.

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Layered Look

fall wedding guests attire layers jacket dress kilt
Vicki Grafton Photography

Pull out your best coat for a chillier fall event. A long, A-line style like this guest's jacket will look just as lovely as the dress under it.

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Dressed Dapperly

ivana nevin wedding guests
Jenny McCann Photography

Here's another example of using accessories to incorporate fall colors into your outfit. The man shown here paired an autumnal red bow tie with a navy suit.

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Natural Inspiration

hamida charlie charleson wedding guests
Gayle Brooker

Nature-inspired textures, like faux animal skin, are common in fall fashion. The guest on the left embraced the fad with the coolest handbag.

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All Wrapped Up

surprise wedding guests
Carmen Santorelli Photography

These guests proved that wraparound accessories—including scarves—aren't just functional for fall, but also stylish.

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The Long Way

formal fall wedding guests
Michele Beckwith

This classy crew provided ample inspiration for a formal fall fête, especially the women in their sleek, long dresses. (Can you tell we like navy blue and sparkly gold for autumn?)

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