It's unusual to have both events at the same place, but should you consider it?
bride and groom to-be smiling outside wedding rehearsal dinner venue
Credit: Lacie Hansen

When it's time to choose a location for the rehearsal dinner, brides and grooms often go with their favorite local restaurant. But there may be a spot that most don't consider for the dinner: their wedding venue. Of course, not all venues can accommodate both (you won't find a traditional ballroom doing rehearsal dinners) but it's something to consider: Is it a good idea or not to hold it at the same venue whether it's a restaurant, country club, or your parents' backyard? Take a look at some things to consider when trying to decide.

Pro: You Could Save Some Money

If you hold both events at the same place, you'll likely get a deal on the rehearsal dinner that'll be hard to resist. If a discount isn't offered, ask for one! The venue might be excited about being able to book the same client for multiple events.

Con: There Might Be Other Spots Worth Showing Off

If your wedding is in a city or town that has a big choice of restaurants, choosing the same place for two events doesn't take advantage of the area's diversity. It may be boring for any family and friends who attend both the dinner and reception.

Pro: It'll Be Convenient for You and Your Guests

This is especially true if the venue is a hotel where everyone is staying; your friends and family can relax at the rehearsal dinner without concerning themselves about how to get back to their hotel. You won't have to worry about hiring transportation or explaining your vision to an addition set of pros. Plus, people appreciate familiarity, and by the time the wedding rolls around, they'll feel like they're home.

Con: Your Guests Won't Be Surprised at the Wedding

Having your rehearsal dinner at the same venue as your wedding, especially in the same spaces, will take the mystery out of the big day. It's not just your guests who won't be surprised, either: Since you were just there the night before, you may get a "been there-done that" feeling when you walk into the venue as husband and wife.


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