The Best Airbnbs to Book for Your Bachelorette Party

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Destination bachelorette parties are becoming more and more common—and for good reason. There's something so special about prefacing your wedding day with a celebratory trip that includes your nearest and dearest. When you think about it, transforming your bachelorette party into a trip ultimately bookends your wedding day with travel. First, you'll venture off with your sisters and best friends—all of the women that have defined your life thus far. Following the big day, you'll jet away with your newly-minted spouse for the honeymoon. There's just so much to look forward to.

Before you get carried away with planning the latter trip (it's so easy to get caught up in making that honeymoon itinerary!), let's focus on the former. After you decide on a destination bachelorette party location, you and your crew will have to settle on a place to stay.While there's nothing wrong with booking a hotel and flight deal, we think you might want to stop and consider the benefits of celebrating with your family and friends in an Airbnb. The hotel alternative is an easy way to experience the locale in a more organic way—oftentimes, with all of the amenities offered at a more formal resort or lodge. Even better? Since a bachelorette party is often comprised of a larger group, it makes the most sense, budget-wise, to stay under one roof. This also allows for infinitely more fun, since you won't have to retire to your respective hotel rooms at the end of an evening out on the town.

To help you jumpstart the planning process, the team at Airbnb helped us round up the prettiest, most bachelorette party-worthy rentals all around the globe. Whether you celebrate your upcoming nuptials in Greece or the U.K., we (and Airbnb!) have you covered.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Situated in the heart of San Juan, Puerto Rico, this property comes with eigh bedrooms (it sleeps up to 26 guests for just $750 per night!), a private pool, rooftop, and jacuzzi grotto. It's prime location, however, might be its biggest accolade for bachelorette party-goers—it's within walking distance to the very best of the area's food and bar scene.

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Isla Mujeres, Mexico

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You've likely seen this iconic property, saliently dubbed "Casa Caracol" (which translates to "Snail House" in Spanish!), all over Instagram. From a starting rate of $275 per night, the property can be yours to call home during your trip to Isla Mujeres. The only catch? The property accommodates up to just four guests—but that's what makes it an appropriate choice for brides-to-be planning a more intimate excursion.

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Austin, Texas

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In this modern two-level home, nestled into the East Downtown neighborhood of Austin, Texas, you and eight guests can have the best of both worlds—lounge on the property's private patio space (which, thanks to a garage door, doubles the size of the living room) or go out on the town, located just five miles from home base. Rates begin at $368 per night.

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Miami Beach, Florida

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This centrally-located Miami Beach villa gives you access to the very best parts of the strip—you're within walking distance of the beach, just a five-minute car ride from South Beach, and a ten-minute trip from the bustling downtown district. As for the actual property? The luxurious house, which sleeps eight comfortably at $325 per night, boasts contemporary décor, a BBQ patio, and access to the community's private pool.

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Noord, Aruba

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Villa Kamay Hills, close to Aruba's famed Palm Beach, offers party-goers an incredible oceanic view thanks to its rooftop terrace. You and up to 11 other guests will also enjoy the property's spacious garden, swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen—all for just $265 per night.

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Christchurch, U.K.

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Arguably the most eclectic estate on this list, this home was once a fully-functional brewery—making it the ultimate getaway (at just over $400 per night!) for the craft beer-loving bride-to-be. Even better? It's located a stone's toss away from the pub and food scene, so you and your 20-member bride-tribe can drink and be merry close to your base.

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Santorini, Greece

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Welcome to Instagram paradise: This Santorini, Greece, villa, better known as the Pink Cave, is what millennial pink dreams are made of. The property may be small—it sleeps four at a rate of $230 per night—but it's worth the smaller bachelorette party count. Located in the heart of Oia, the property is privy to some of the best sunsets in the world. The included breakfasts and triangular hot tub are added bonuses.

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Santa Rosa, California

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If you've envisioned a bachelorette party in wine country, you've found your lodgings. This property offers unparalleled views of Sonoma County (and beyond!), and with five bedrooms (they sleep 12 comfortable for $2,200 per night), multiple sauna rooms, a citrus garden, and a chef's kitchen, is closer to a boutique hotel than an Airbnb.

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Denver, Colorado

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Perfect for large groups, this remodeled mansion gives its 16-possible inhabitants access to downtown City Park's bustling nightlife. (If you do end up booking a stay here, be sure to check out Steuben's, Vine Street Pub & Brewery, Watercourse Foods, and The Thin Man). Rates start at $699 per night.

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Sayulita, Mexico

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At Villas del Corazon, experience three levels of luxury. You'll find the master bedroom on the main level—but three additional apartments, all included in the listing price of $500 per night, can be found on the lower two levels. Complete with three outdoor terraces, the property is ideal for groups of 16 (but 20 guests can be accommodated for a higher rate).

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Barcelona, Spain

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Here's another pink-themed bachelorette party destination option: Meet Barcelona's version of the Pink House. In addition to its next-level color palette, amenities include a private pool, terrace, gym, and six bedrooms, which sleep 12 for $227 per night.

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Cape Town, South Africa

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Now, here's the neon pink version. Located in Cape Town's city center, in the heart of the historic Bo-Kaap district, this remodeled home is full of charm and colorful sophistication. Better yet? It's incredibly affordable—the residence clocks in at $139 per night for six guests. The best part? It's flanked by even more color—green, yellow, purple, and blue houses also do the block.

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Ghent, New York

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If you're searching for a bachelorette party location with wide, open spaces, consider this Ghent, New York, residence, which sleeps up to 12 guests. Situated on 12 acres (one for each member of your crew!), the $275 per night estate melds the country's best elements (check out the incredible natural swimming pool!) with modern amenities, like a Japanese hot tub.

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Carmel, California

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At this private Carmel estate, you'll experience white-water and ocean views from afar on the residence's vast patios—but interact with the surrounding California State Park up close, thanks to grassy outdoor meadows. The elevated property, which starts at $1,200 per night, boasts a roaring fireplace and a state-of-the-art kitchen, will be a hit with you and up to 13 guests.

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Podstrana, Croatia

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This Croatia property is called The Seventh Heaven Villa for a reason. With an infinity pool, ocean views, and surrounding nightlife, you and over 16 of your best friends will feel like you've been dropped into paradise for just $284 per night.

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poolside tropical airbnb in guadeloupe
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Bring your five best friends to stay at this French Carribean residence, complete with its very own pool house, for $259 per night. Bonus: Breakfast is included in your stay.

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Atlantic City, New Jersey

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The owners of this beach-block home have seen all types of parties—including weddings and bachelorette parties—so you'll be in good hands during your stay at the Jersey Shore. With eight bedrooms, the residence sleeps 16 guests minimum at just $347 per night.

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