If you want guests to share photos from your celebration, you'll need to make it easy for them to do so.
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Now that you've selected just the right pose, filter, and caption for your engagement ring selfie, it's time to tackle your next big-day social media to-do: choosing a wedding hashtag. From the simple #SarahandJoeSayIDo to the playful #HullofAnAdventure, wedding planning experts Bash, Please and Sinclair & Moore are revealing what it takes to create the perfect words to follow that pound sign. Here, everything you need to know about creating the ultimate wedding hashtag.

Decide the Purpose of Your Hashtag

Ask yourself: What is the goal of my wedding hashtag? What kind of images do I want to see? Many couples opt for an all-inclusive hashtag meant to celebrate milestones of their love before their vows and long after their sparkler exit. If an Instagram wedding album is more of what you're after, narrow the hashtag to the event itself.

Consider How Many Guests Will Be Contributing

"If you won't have a big social media group, pick a wedding hashtag that can live on with you beyond the wedding day. A couple who wants to celebrate their love online usually likes to see the memories from the wedding on into their married lives together," the team at Bash, Please advises. However, if you're expecting hundreds of people to post, they advise creating one that's wedding-specific. "Then, any guest, family member, or even vendor can post to it for a quick look at all the angles of your wedding."

Get Together and Have a Little Pun

Weddings are a celebration of you and your partner, so why not incorporate some of your personality into your hashtag? The team at Sinclair & Moore suggests getting together with some of the creative minds closest to you for a brainstorming session. "The approach is similar to thinking of what your campaign slogan would be for you as a couple." To begin, write a list of all the possible rhymes, puns, and idioms that are close to a combination of your first and last names and even nicknames. Each person can then pitch a few ideas and, in true campaign fashion, a group vote can decide the victor.

Other guiding factors include the venue and style of the wedding, as well as the timelessness of your hashtag. It's important to stick with something that you'll be proud to search years later. "You don't want to look back on your hashtag as one of those 'What were we thinking?' decisions," the experts at Bash, Please warn.

Do Your Research

Once you've decided on a frontrunner, it's time to take to those social media search bars. Do your Instagram and Twitter research to make sure your wedding photos wouldn't get mixed up with images already attributed to the hashtag you're thinking about. If you're acquiring a common last name, you may find that you'll have to be a bit more inventive.

Keep Consistent

To ensure maximum memory collection, the team at Sinclair & Moore encourages couples to weave the hashtag throughout the build-up and fruition of the big day. Including the hashtag on the invite, website, program, and signage will not only remind guests to share, but also lessen room for error. "The key to get your guests to use it is consistency."


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