Her fiancé's reaction to the retelling was priceless.
princess eugenie jack brooksbank engagement photo

Yesterday, the world was pleasantly surprised with news of another royal wedding on the horizon. Prince Harry's cousin, Princess Eugenie, and her new fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, announced their engagement and released celebratory portraits. While we learned a little about their upcoming celebration and the royal's pink-sapphire engagement ring, we're just now hearing the couple's proposal story.

In an interview with BBC's The One Show, Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter explained what went down. As previously reported, she and Brooksbank were in Nicaragua, and it was there that they found themselves beside a lake at sunset. "The lake was so beautiful, it was like the light was just a special light that I'd never seen," she began. "I actually said, 'This is an incredible moment.'" Before she knew it, Brooksbank was down on one knee.

According to her, it was "really surprising, even though we've been together seven years." "I was over the moon," she added, admitting that she cried. Despite being surprised, Eugenie went on to call the proposal "the perfect moment." "We couldn't be happier, because we knew it was going to end up this way," she shared. The sweetest part of the story? Brooksbank's giddy smile while listening to the princess retell it. He also called the engagement "amazing."

The happy pair have yet to announce their wedding date, but they did disclose that they'll be tying the knot in the fall of 2018 at the same chapel where Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle this spring.


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