Do think about eating though! You don't want to forget to do that.
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There are about a million and one things that'll be on your mind leading up to your wedding day, but as soon as you walk down that aisle and exchange vows with your forever person, a whole lot of those anxieties go out the window. Most couples say they can't remember a single thing about their wedding day because it's such a whirlwind. Instead, they remember the fun. They remember dancing. They remember smiling endlessly. There's going to be a long list of things you worried about endlessly before the wedding, but we promise those fears will be far from your mind when you're celebrating with family and friends.

Here's just a peek at what won't be on your mind on your big day.

1. That your hair might not have enough pins in it for you to keep dancing.

2. That you shouldn't have let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses.

3. The drama that went down in the week leading up to the wedding.

4. That you may have selected the wrong wine to pair with the meal.

5. That you should have invited more people from work.

6. That your new husband is a terrible dancer.

7. That you shouldn't have included kids on the invitations.

8. The post office worker who definitely didn't hand cancel your invitations.

9. That the cocktail hour was too long.

10. The overall wedding timeline.

11. Who sent in their reply card after the due date.

12. That you're too big or small or short or tall for your wedding dress.

13. That you should've gone with lamb instead of chicken.

14. The first venue that fell through.

15. That your wedding cake is too big.

16. That there aren't enough peonies in your bouquet.

17. Why you invited so many people.

18. Who all the plus-ones are.

19. The DIY project you didn't have time to finish.

20. How you're going to hand out final payments.

21. That you spent too much or not enough money on the wedding.

22. Whether your new in-laws are enjoying themselves.

23. The people who RSVP'd yes and no-showed.

24. What gifts you've received.

25. That having a rain plan was a bad idea.

26. What your wedding looks like on social media.

27. The incredible amount of work that you put into making this night so amazing.


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