Hanging Flower Streamers

This simple wall décor designed by The Kitchy Kitchen's Claire Thomas will keep your room cheery and bright.

Photo: Courtesy of Claire Thomas


  • 5-foot-long piece of durable, colored string
  • 4-foot-long stick
  • Assorted flowers-stems cut-that dry nicely
  • Roll of twine (no wider than 1 mm), cut into 2- to 5-foot lengths
  • Hot glue gun
Courtesy of Claire Thomas


1. Take string and knot it at both ends of the stick, checking to make sure there's enough slack to hang the stick and the garlands from the wall once the project is complete.

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

2. Create the garlands by taking a flower and one length of twine. Tie a double knot around the stem near the base of the blossom, preferably under a set of leaves, so the string is slightly hidden. Repeat, tying flowers at equal intervals apart from each other. If you want the flowers to overlap, tie them closer together, until the length of twine is covered, resembling a lei.

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Note: If you can't tie a sturdy knot, add a dollop of hot glue over the knot to secure it.

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

3. Repeat step 2 until five to seven garlands are complete.

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

4. Tie the garlands to the stick, spacing them about six inches apart.

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

5. Hang garland on the wall with a sturdy tack or durable wall hanger.

Courtesy of Claire Thomas
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