Two wedding planners share their favorite tips for fun introductions.

By Lauren Wellbank
April 17, 2020
laurie lee wedding couple kiss surrounded by wedding party
Credit: Emilie White

There are many exciting events that will have your wedding party working closely together before your big day. That may feel a little awkward for them if they do not already know each other well. Fortunately, with enough time and planning, getting your bridesmaids and groomsmen to know each other better before your big day can end up feeling like just another part of the celebrations. We talked to two wedding planners about their favorite ways to get introductions started.

Start Early

As with many aspects of wedding planning, the more time you have on your side, the better. Picking dates and accommodating everyone's schedule can be very hard with a large group of people. The more dates and times you have available to choose from, the easier it will be to get everyone together. Janessa White of Simply Eloped says, "I've seen couples host gatherings for their wedding party a year in advance of the ceremony. This gives plenty of time for friendships to develop among wedding party members prior to the big day."

Plan Something Fun

Once you have a date that works for everyone, you will need to come up with a plan for an event or activity that will get them all interacting. Hovik Harutyunyan of Harutyunyan Events suggests hosting a party or event in your home so that everyone can get together and get acquainted. You can get started with a simple BBQ or cocktail party.

Go Big

If you want to go bigger, and your budget has the room, Harutyunyan says that group activities that can double as team-building events are a great way to go. The options are endless for what you can plan, but some good suggestions include hosting a wine tasting at a winery, a karaoke party, a game night, a cooking class, going on a weekend camping trip, attending a local concert or sporting event, and attending a mystery dinner. For more adventurous activities you can visit a trampoline park, amusement park, or even try something more physical like laser tag or paintball.

Or Stay Small

If your wedding party is short on time or money, consider a bachelor/bachelorette party crossover. This way everyone can meet face-to-face prior to the big day while eliminating the need for an additional event and expense. If you are wondering if it will be worth the added effort, Hovik says to consider the chemistry it will bring to your wedding photos on the big day. If everyone is already comfortable with each other, it will show through in the pictures.

Take the Introductions Online

If you and your wedding party cannot possibly fit one more thing into your schedules (or budgets), take the introductions to Facebook. White says something as simple as creating a Facebook group for the wedding party may be enough to get both groups interacting. You can get the ball rolling with introductions by creating a fun quiz for everyone to complete and post.


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