Vito the "tubby tabby" is a gem.
Vito the cat posing in wedding portrait
Credit: Kristi Odom via Symba the Tubby Tabby's Facebook

Adore your pet, but can't bring him to your wedding ceremony? Take a hint from this animal-loving couple. Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin, proud owners of Vito (formerly Symba) the "tubby tabby," found a special way to honor their cat after their recent wedding. The couple hired a wedding photographer to take snapshots of the happy family!

"We wished that we could've included him in our wedding because everybody loves him and would've thought it was hilarious, but we got married two hours away," Berkeley told ABC News. "We love the pictures. As soon as we get the raw images back from [the photographer], we are going to blow a bunch up and hang them on the wall," she added.

The images show Berkeley-in her dress-posing with Sorkin and Vito. The fat cat looks simply smug, and clearly open to be loved on. The photographs, which were taken by Kristi Odom, were shot in the couple's home. "It was actually Kristi's idea," Berkeley admitted. "We said she knew we had a fantastically, fat cat and she thought it'd be a great idea to get some pictures with him."

This isn't the first time Vito's made the news-his incredible weight (a whopping 35 pounds!) caught national attention. If you love Vito as much as his owners do, you can follow his life online. Just take a visit to the Facebook page under his old name.


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