The Best Perfumes to Splurge on for Your Wedding

Armani perfume
Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

If there's only one time you decide to splurge on a luxurious fragrance, it should be right before your wedding. You'll want to spray on something special in honor of the huge milestone, especially because this scent will surely conjure up good memories of your wedding day for years to come. Well-made perfumes are sure to last through every moment of your nuptial celebration. Plus, a spritz of a new fragrance will have you walking down the aisle with the confidence you need to complete your look.

To help you pick a fragrance you'll love, we've compiled a list of our favorite luxe perfumes. Ahead, scents for every season, and aromatic blends for any bride. Make the most of the bottle you choose by putting it on display in your home. Then, wear it for important date nights, like your first wedding anniversary.

This light, floral fragrance is as soft as can be. White peony—the star scent—is complemented by other smooth fragrances, including white pepper, white musks, and white tea. This perfume is also limited edition—there are only 1500, and they're exclusive to New York's Bergdorf Goodman—so each bottle's a true keepsake.

Armani/Privé "New York" Fragrance, $360,


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Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London Star Magnolia Cologne
Courtesy of Jo Malone London

Getting married during the spring? Celebrate the season with a perfume that smells like budding blooms. This fragrance's green magnolia leaf and honey-sweet orange blossom notes give way to hints of lemon, ginger, and dewy shiso—making it the perfect springtime option.

Jo Malone London "Star Magnolia" Cologne, $140,


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Chantecaille perfume
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

With top notes of violet leaves and orange and bottom notes of vanilla and musk, this scent is equal parts sweet and soothing, which is perfect for calming any pre-wedding nerves.

Chantecaille "Frangipane" Fragrance, $185,


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Tom Ford

Tom Ford perfume
Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

If you're looking for a summery scent, this should be your go-to. The green-citrus and floral fragrance is luxurious, refreshing, and inviting, while also slightly sensual, thanks to musk and green moss.

Tom Ford "Sole di Positano" Eau de Parfum, $595,


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Byredo perfume
Courtesy of Byredo

This spicy, oriental blend includes warm vanilla and Indian sandalwood. It's named after a biblical tale centered around seduction, so it's sure to boost your confidence.

Byredo "Seven Veils" Eau de Parfum, $230,


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Ex Nihilo

Nihilo perfume
Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

This fragrance mixes raspberry with leathery musk for an enchanting, elegant, and sophisticated scent.

Ex Nihilo "Love Shot" Eau de Parfum, starting at $225,


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Frédéric Malle

Jean-Claude Ellena perfume
Courtesy of Frederic Malle

This dualistic scent is both soft and warm, combining zests, hedione, white heliotrope, iris, and honey.

Jean-Claude Ellena "L'Eau d'Hiver" Fragrance, starting at $180,


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Killian perfume
Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Jasmine, caramelized sugar, vanilla, and amber are balanced out with Neroli in this fragrance. The end result is an intoxicating scent that manages not to go overboard. If you need more convincing, note that this spritz is a favorite of Rihanna's.

Kilian "Love, Don't Be Shy" Eau de Parfum, $260,


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Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume
Courtesy of Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Two different types of rose make up the bulk of this perfume, which is deeply floral and aromatic. The pretty fragrance will have you feeling extra charming.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian "À La Rose" Eau de Parfum, $245,


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Guerlain perfume
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

While definitely pricey, this scent is worth the cost, and not just for the pretty bottle. (Wouldn't this look just lovely in wedding photos?) Top notes include pink peppercorn and citrus fruits, but as the packaging suggests, it's very floral overall.

Guerlain "Le Bouquet de la Mariée" Fragrance, $1,000,


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Vilhelm Parfumerie

Vilhelm Parfumerie perfume
Courtesy of Barney's

What's more romantic than a beautiful scent concocted as a love letter to its company founder's wife? This bergamot and apple blend is warmed by black tea and complicated with musk.

Vilhelm Parfumerie "Dear Polly" Eau de Parfum, $245,


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